Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics

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Subject: Language and Linguistics

Editor-in-Chief: Rint SYBESMA, Leiden University

Associate Editors: Wolfgang BEHR University of Zürich, Yueguo GU Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Zev HANDEL University of Washington, C.-T. James HUANG Harvard University and James MYERS National Chung Cheng University

Early Release Version: content being added regularly, expected completion Fall 2016.

The Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics offers a systematic and comprehensive overview of the languages of China and the different ways in which they are and have been studied. It provides authoritative treatment of all important aspects of the languages spoken in China, today and in the past, from many different angles, as well as the different linguistic traditions they have been investigated in.

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Yànyǔ 諺語

(3,863 words)

Author(s): Victoria BOGUSHEVSKAYA
Date: 2017-03-02

Yě 也 in Classical Chinese

(3,536 words)

Author(s): Robert GASSMANN
1. Definition In its most general form, the syntactic function of 也 can be defined as that of a postposition (pspt) marking a noun phrase (np) acting as predicate (pred) in a main or subordinate clause. 2. Yě as Postpositional Pred…
Date: 2017-03-02

Yě 也 in Excavated Texts

(5,185 words)

Author(s): Marco CABOARA
1. Introduction 也 (OC *lajʔ) is a highly frequent Old Chinese particle first appearing (sporadically) in excavated sources in the fifth century BCE and becoming widely used in fourth century excavated texts on bamboo strips. It follows, most prominently: nominal predicates (1)-(2) and nominal topics (3)-(4), initial clauses (5)-(6) and final clauses (7). In the glosses they will be referred respectively as PRT.NomPred, PRT.…
Date: 2017-03-02

Yes/No Questions

(4,158 words)

Author(s): Nadine OTTING
1. Introduction This article discusses yes/ no ( y/ n-) questions across varieties of Chinese, p…
Date: 2017-03-02