Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker Part V

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Subject: Classical Studies

General Editors: Hans-Joachim Gehrke and Felix Maier (in collaboration with Veronica Bucciantini)

Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker Continued.
Part V: Die Geographen is part of Felix Jacoby’s original planned work Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker.Part V: Die Geographen offers completely new material giving the original Greek texts with translations and commentaries. This project is expected to be completed in 2019 and will consist of the fragments and testimonia of 96 Greek historians.Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker Continued. Part V is part of Jacoby Online – a unique reference work bringing together Felix Jacoby’s monumental Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker I-III, Brill’s New Jacoby, Brill’s New Jacoby – Second Edition and the completely new Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker IV and Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker V.

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Nikagoras von Kypros (2032)

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Author(s): Cappelletto, Pietro
This entry was written by Pietro Capelletto and published on 1 July 2011 About This Historian Historian: Nikagoras von Kypros Jacoby number: 2032 Attested works: Historian's date: 4th century BC Historical focus: V. Geography | A. Descriptive Geography Place of origin: Cyprus   FGrHist 2032 T 1a Source: Arnobius 4, 29 (236, 1 Marchesi2) Work mentioned: Source date: 4th century AD Source origin: unknown Source language: Latin Fragment subject: Textual base: Arnobius, 4, 29 (236, 1 Marchesi2) et possumus quidem hoc in loco omnis istos, nobis quos inducitis atque appellati…
Date: 2017-10-19