Papyrus Chester Beatty I (1.51)(1,101 words)

Subject: Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World; Egyptian Canonical Compositions; Individual Focus; Love Poems


A large papyrus containing three groups of love songs, the tale of “Horus and Seth,” two hymns to the king, and a short business note.

From Pap. Chester Betty I, C1,1-C5,2; the first group of love songs.

Papyrus Chester Beatty I (1.51)

Subject: Cant 4:9, 1–7, 9–15; 5:10–16; 6:4–10; 7:2–10a; Cant 8:1b

The Beginning of the Sayings of the Great Entertainer1

(Boy) (Number 31)

One alone is my sister, having no peer:

more gracious than all other women.

Behold her…

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