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, (1) a town in southern Turkey, formerly the Armenian town of Sīs [q.v.], and now administrative centre of Ḳōzān district ( kaza ) in the province of Adana.

(2) in Ottoman times, that portion of the Taurus Mountains comprising the present districts of Kadirli, Ḳozān, Feke and Saimbeyli. This name originated with the Ḳozān-og̲h̲lu derebeys [see below] who controlled the area during the 18th and much of the 19th centuries.

The origin of the Ḳōzān-og̲h̲lu dynasty and its name is uncertain. According to Aḥmad Ḏj̲ewdet Pas̲h̲a, the family came from the Ari̊ḳ tribe, on…

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