Maʿrūf al-Kark̲h̲ī
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, Abū Maḥfūẓ b. Fīrūz or Fīrūzān , d. 200/815-16, one of the most celebrated of the early ascetics and mystics of the Bag̲h̲dād school.

While it is possible that the nisba al-Kark̲h̲ī may be connected with the eastern ʿIrāḳī town of Kark̲h̲ Bād̲j̲addā, it is more likely that it derives from his association with the Kark̲h̲ area of Bag̲h̲dād. It is generally thought that his parents were Christians, although Ibn Tag̲h̲rībirdī (ed. Juynboll and Matthes, i, 575) maintains that they were Ṣābians of the district of Wāṣit. Among hi…

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