Tīmūr Lang
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(“Timur the Lame”) b. Tarag̲h̲ay Barlas, the founder of the Tīmūrid dynasty [q.v.] which ruled in Central Asia and eastern Iran from 1370 to 1507. The birthdate commonly ascribed to Tīmūr, 25 S̲h̲aʿbān 736/8 April 1336, is probably an invention from the time of his successor S̲h̲āh Ruk̲h̲ [q.v.], the day chosen for astrological meaning and the year to coincide with the death of the last Il-K̲h̲ān (Manz, Tamerlane and the symbolism of sovereignty, in Iranian Studies , xxi/1-2 [1988], 113-14 n.) Tīmūr rose to power in the Ulus Čag̲h̲atay, a tribal confederation forming th…

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