Bustanay (Ḥaninay) ben Kafnay
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Bustanay (Ḥaninay) ben Kafnay (ca. 618–670),  frequently cited erroneously in some sources and by later scholars as Bustanay ben Ḥaninay,  was the first exilarch (Aram. resh galuta) after the Muslim conquest of the Sassanid empire. Most of the sources about him are legendary and tendentious, and the few historical facts they provide are doubtful. According to an anonymous gaonic responsum from the tenth century, Caliph ʿUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb(r. 634–644) confirmed Bustanay in the office of exilarch and gave him Azdadwar, the captive daughter of the Sassanid king (in some sour…

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