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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἰλισός/ Ilisós, Ἰλισσός/ Ilissós). One of the two main rivers of the plain of Athens (Str. 9,1,24), the other being the  Cephis(s)us [2]. Having its source on the north-western slope of the  Hymettus it turned towards the southwest at the southern edge of Athens (today completely built over and as in antiquity seasonal). It is disputed whether the I. emptied itself into the sea at Phalerum or into the Cephisus north of Piraeus [2. 164 fig. 213]. The Eridanus (Paus. 1,19,5) was a tri…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Αἰγηίς; Aigēís). Following the reforms by  Cleisthenes A. was the second of the ten Attic phyles (IG II/III2 1740 ff.), named after the eponymous hero  Aegeus. In the 4th cent. BC, Aegeis comprised the following demes: eight   asty- , five   paralia- and eight   mesogeia . In 308/7 BC, four of those changed over to the Macedonian phyles of  Antigonis or  Demetrias; following their dissolution in 201/200 BC, they rejoined the A.  Cydantidae transferred in 224/3 BC to the  Ptolemais,  Icarium in 201/200 BC t…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Πίδασα; Pídasa). Fortified Carian settlement on (Mount) Grion, modern Ilbıra Daǧi, above Danişment, with two acropoleis (modern Cert Osman Kalesi) [1; 2. 91f.; 5]. After 494 BC the Persians gave Milesia ὑπεράκρια/ hyperákria ('on the heights') , the uplands of Miletus [2], to the Pidaseis (Hdt. 6,20). P. was a member of the Delian League (tribute of one talent, ATL 1, 535), and concluded a sympoliteía between 323 and 313 BC with Latmus [2] (cf. [1]), and between 188/7 and 178/7 BC with Miletus [2] (cf. [1. 139; 3; 4. 283f.]), which sent a detachment to garrison P. Lohmann…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Attica (Θοραί; Thoraí). Attic paralia deme, phyle Antiochis, 307/6 - 200 BC Demetrias, four bouleutaí. According to Str. 9,1,21 on the Attic southwest coast between Aegilia (modern Finikia?) and Lamptrae, probably therefore between Lagonisi and Agios Dimitrios ([2. 243 note 10; 3], differently [1]). Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 C. W. J. Eliot, Coastal Demes of Attika, 1962, 65-68 2 H. Lauter, Ein ländliches Heiligtum hellenistischer Zeit in Trapuria (Attika), in: AA 1980, 242-255 3 J. S. Traill, Demos…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Κεκροπίς; Kekropís). After the phyle reforms of  Cleisthenes [2] the seventh of the 10 phyles of Attica ( Attica with map); its eponymous hero:  Cecrops. At the time of the 10 phyles, C. comprised 11 (four asty, five mesogeia, and two paralia) demes. From 307/6 to 201/0 BC, Daedalidae, Melite and Xypete changed over to Demetrias. In line with the other Cleisthenian phyles, C. transferred one deme each to the phyles of Ptolemaïs (224/3 BC), Attalis (200 BC), and Hadrianis (AD 127/8). Instead of eight, only six demes appear in the list of prytanes IG II2 1782 of AD 177/8. …


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Τείθρας/ Teíthras, Τίθρας/ Títhras). Attic paralia(?) deme, Aegeis phyle, four bouleutaí . Decrees of the Teithrasians place T. certainly at modern Pikermi (SEG 21, 520; 542; 24, 151-153). There is evidence of cults of Athena, Zeus, Kore (SEG 24, 542), Heracles [1] and the hero Datylus (SEG 24, 151). A hero T. (schol. Aristoph. Ran. 477) and T. figs (Ath. 14,652f) are mentioned. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica 5, 41 with note 13, 68, 112 No 133, Table. 2  Whitehead, Index s. v. T.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Κέρατα; Kérata). Peaks, named after their peculiar shape (‘horns’) (modern Trikeraton; Trikeri, 470 m), in the mountains on the border between Attica and Megaris east of Eleusis (Diod. Sic. 11,65,1; Plut. Themistocles 13,1; Str. 9,1,11). Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography F. Bölte, s.v. K., RE 11, 265f. Philippson/Kirsten, vol. 1, 760; 973.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἐρίκεια/ Eríkeia, from ἐρείκη/ Ereíkē, ‘brier’?). Attic asty(?)-deme of the Aegeis phyle, one bouleutes (after 307/6 BC two). Its location determined to be near Kypseli as the finding-place of a decree (IG II2, 1215, beginning of the 3rd cent. BC) in which an unknown deme honours a donor for the repairs to cultic installations. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica 16, 39 with n. 10, 59, 70, 74 n. 10, 110 no. 42, table 2 Whitehead Index s.v. E.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Οἰνηίς/ Oinēís). After Cleisthenes' [2] phyle reform (508/7 BC) the sixth of the ten Attic phylai, with eponymous hero Οἰνεύς/ Oineús (Paus. 1,5,2). In the 4th cent. it had thirteen dḗmoi, eight in the asty trittys, two (?) in the paralia trittys, and four in the mesogeia trittys. Three dḗmoi switched in 307/6-201/0 BC to the Macedonian phyle of Demetrias, Butadae in 224/3 to Ptolemaïs, Tyrmeidae in 201/200 to Attalis, and Thria in 127/8 AD to Hadrianis. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica, 9, 19f., 23, 28, 48ff., 55, 57, 71, 102, 105f., 133, table 6  J.S.…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Κύθηρος; Kýthēros). Attic paralia(?) deme of the Pandionis phyle, from 307/6 to 201 BC of the Antigonis; supplied two bouleutaí. According to Str. 9,1,20, one of the locations belonging to the Attic dodecapolis. Its localisation near Poussi Kalojerou by Traill [3] is methodologically unsustainable; Dem. Or. 42 suggests a site near a city, in a wooded area. In IG II2 2496 three houses belonging to the deme of C. in Piraeus are leased by otherwise unattested Meritai [4. 383 no. 72]. A cult association between Trikomoi, Erchia and C. can scarcely be deduced from IG II2 1213…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἀνακαία; Anakaía). Attic deme of the phyle  Hippothontis (IG II2 2377), with its geographical centre around  Eleusis and in Thriasia. Three bouleutai. Trittys and location uncertain, possibly near Mygdaleza [2. 137] or in the Kundura valley with a deme centre at Hagios Giorgios [1. 61 ff.]. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 H. Lohmann, Das Kastro von H. Giorgios (‘Ereneia’), in: MarbWPr 1988, 34-66 2 J. S. Traill, Demos and Trittys, 1986 3 Id., Attica, 52, 68, 109 (no. 11), table 8.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Παιονίδαι/ Paionídai). Attic mesogeia deme of the Leontis phyle on the Parnes, with three bouleutaí. According to Hdt. 5,62, the fortress of Leipsydrium (which has not yet been located), was above P. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica, 47, 62, 68, table 4  J.S. Traill, Demos and Trittys, 1986, 55, 63, 130  Whitehead, Index s.v. P.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἄθμονον; Áthmonon). Attic mesogeia deme of the  phyle Cecropis, later of Attalis; five (six?) bouleutai. In A., which bordered  Phlya in the south (?) (IG II2 2776 Z. 49; [1; 2]), lay the sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia (Paus. 1,31,5), whose name lives on in the erstwhile village Marusi (today Amarousio). Here two border stones of the sanctuary (IG I2 865; [2]) were found, as well as a decree of the Athmoneans (IG II2 1203) which relates to the festival of Amarysia, mentions an agon and was set up ‘in the sanctuary’ (of Artemis). Discovery of grave ins…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Περγασή/ Pergasḗ; Demoticon Περγασῆθεν/ Pergasêthen). Attic Mesogeia deme of the Erechtheis phyle, divided into upper and lower P. (Π. καθύπερθεν/ P. kathýperthen, Π. ὑπένερθεν/ P. hypénerthen) each with two bouleutaí, one part of which went over to the Antigonis phyle in 307/6 BC. According to Aristoph. Equ. 321, P. was on the road from Athens to Aphidna (near modern Chelidonou?). The burial inscription IG II2 7205 is from Varibopi near Tatoï. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica, 6, 38, 59, 69, 111 Nr. 105f., 126, Tab. 1, 11  Whitehead, Index s.v. P.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἐπικηφισία; Epikēphisía). Attic asty deme of the phyle Oeneis. One (or two) bouleut(ai). The approximate location of E. in the Cephissus valley at  Laciadae is evident from the name and the site where the decree on deme was found IG II2 1205 at Dipylon, see [1. 40]. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 P. Siewert, Die Trittyen Attikas und die Heeresreform des Kleisthenes, 1982. Traill, Attica 19, 49, 69, 110 no. 40, table 6 J. S. Traill, Demos and Trittys, 1986, 133 Whitehead, Index s.v. E.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ὀτρύνη/ Otrýnē). Attic asty deme of the phyle of Aegeis, with one bouleutḗs. Location uncertain - the connection with fish in Ath. 7,309e is topographically irrelevant [1]. For a case of illegitimate acquisition of citizenship in O., cf. Dem. Or. 44,37 [2. 297]. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography 1 D. Schaps, Antiphanes Frg. 206 and the Location of the Deme O., in: CPh 77, 1982, 327f. 2 Whitehead, Index s.v. O. W.E. Thompson, Kleisthenes and Aigeis, in: Mnemosyne 22, 1969, 137-152  Traill, Attica, 16f., 40, 69, 111 nr. 97, table 2  J.S. Traill, Demos and Trittys, 1…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Achaemenids | Persian Wars | Delian League (Μυοῦς; Myoûs). Small port in Ionia on the former Gulf of Latmia, now 18km from the sea at Avşar Kale. As a member of the Pan-Ionic amphiktyonía (Hdt. 1,142), it provided three ships for the naval battle of Lade in 494 BC (Hdt. 6,8). During the 5th cent. BC it was ruled by Themistocles (Thuc. 1,138), before joining the Delian League (ATL 4, Index s.v. M.); in the 3rd cent., M. lost its political independence to Mile…


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Attica (Τρινέμεια; Trinémeia). Attic mesogeia deme, of the Cecropis phyle, two bouleutaí, at the source of the Cephissus [2] (Str. 9,1,24) to the northeast of modern Kifissia in the valley of the modern Kokkinaras. An ephebe ( Ephēbeía ) from T. (IG II2 1028 col. III Z. 143) is an addendum to the list of the Cecropis phyle, but this does not attest to a second T. Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) Bibliography Traill, Attica 51, 69, 85, 112 No. 140, 122, Tab. 7.


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Παιανία/ Paianía). Great Attic mesogeia deme of the phyle Pandionis in Liopesi (today again P.), divided into Upper P. (Π. καθύπερθεν/ P. kathýperthen) with one bouleutḗs and Lower P. (Π. ὑπένερθεν/ P. Hypénerthen) with eleven bouleutaí (Harpocr. s.v. Παιανιεῖς). In 307/6 BC, Upper P. changed over to Antigonis. The deme decree IG I3 250 (450/430 BC; FO: Liopesi) [2. 385 No. 83] of Lower P., which mentions a quorum of 100 dēmótai [2. 95], attests to the harvest festival of Pr(o)ērosía [2. 196f.] and hieropoioí ('cult officials') [2. 142, 183]. For the cult of …


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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἀνάφλυστος; Anáphlystos). Attic   paralia deme of the phyle  Antiochis (10 bouleutai) in the coastal region of Anavysso in south-western Attica between  Aegilia in the west,  Atene in the south-east, and  Amphitrope in the east; the astike hodos, the arterial highway from Athens to  Sounion, and respectively the Rhevma Maresas/Ari formed the border to  Phrearrhii in the north-west. Traces of habitation from the neolithic period onwards; the peninsula of Hagios Nikolaos (Astypalaea: Str. 9,1,21) housed an important m…
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