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Names of People: Book of Mormon

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Author(s): Tvedtnes, John A.
Thanks mostly to the Bible, Hebrew names or variants thereof are known through much of the world. Some of the names found in English Bibles also show up in the Book of Mormon, some Hebrew names found in the Book of Mormon are not in the Bible. A rare peculiarity of Semitic names is the use of the nisbe (gentilic) forms, of which the Book of Mormon, like the Bible, has just a few: Moroni ‘Moronite’ (Words of Mormon 1:1 et passim) from the place-name Moron (Ether 7:5–6); Lamoni (‘Lamanite’) (Alma 17:21 et passim), from Laman, son of Lehi (1 Nephi 2:5 et …

Hebraisms in the Book of Mormon

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Author(s): Tvedtnes, John A.
Adherents of the Church of Latter Day Saints believe that the Book of Mormon, first published in 1830 by Joseph Smith, is an English translation of an ancient revealed scripture, apparently written in Hebrew. The Book of Mormon, accordingly, is replete with Hebraisms, that is, reflections of Hebrew idioms or words, which do not suit the translation language, but which are perfectly normal in Biblical Hebrew. Among the Biblical Hebrew features found in the Book of Mormon are the following: Construct state: ‘plates of brass’ instead of ‘brass plates’; ‘works of righteousness’ …

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