A History of the Desire for Christian Unity Online

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Directed by: Alberto Melloni
Edited by: Luca Ferracci

A History of the Desire for Christian Unity. Ecumenism in the Churches (19th–21st Century) is a multi-volume reference work on the history of ecumenism. The ecumenical movement is understood as a twentieth-century movement of European origin with a global reach. This reference work is a reconstruction of the arc of time in which the Christian churches transitioned from a position of hostility to one of dialogue, and from separation to forms of communion. Scholars across the continents and disciplines explore a history of individuals and groups, generations and assemblies, documents and programs, theologies and practices, all firmly placed within the framework of a desire for unity.

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2. Before Ecumenism, at the Dawn of Modernity: Historical-Political Causes and Effects of the Revolutions of the 18th Century

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Author(s): Lamberigts, Mathijs
In: Volume 1 Dawn of Ecumenism | Part I. Preamble: Long Term Issues previous chapter 1 Introduction In his preface to Les défis de la modernité, which he edited for Jean-Marie Mayeur’s Histoire du Christianisme, the master of French religious historiography Bernard Plongeron asserted that no diachronic synthesis or reconstruction of the Christian experience can avoid dealing with certain “hot spots”1 in the history of the churches, even when it is not tempted to be an histoire événementielle and when it permits itself to go beyond the usual sphere of institutional histor…