Arabic Literature of Africa Online

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Arabic Literature of Africa Online
(ALAO) is a bio-bibliography on the Arabic manuscript tradition in the African continent, which continued well into the 20th century CE. It offers authoritative information about African authors, the texts they wrote in Arabic, the manuscripts in which these texts are found, and the locations of these manuscripts, together with bibliographical references to the literature. Arabic Literature of Africa Online complements Brockelmann’s Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur (GAL) and is an indispensable reference work for students of Islamic cultures in Africa and of Islamic manuscripts in general.

More information:
  • Volume 1: The Writings of Eastern Sudanic Africa to c. 1900
  • Volume 2: The Writings of Central Sudanic Africa
  • Volume 3a: The Writings of the Muslim peoples of Northeastern Africa
  • Volume 4: The Writings of Western Sudanic Africa
  • Volume 5: The Writings of Mauretania and the Western Sahara