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Brill’s Encyclopedia of Global Pentecostalism Online (BEGP) provides a comprehensive overview of worldwide Pentecostalism from a range of disciplinary perspectives. It offers analysis at the level of specific countries and regions, historical figures, movements and organizations, and particular topics and themes. Pentecostal Studies draws upon areas of research such as anthropology, biblical studies, economics, gender studies, global studies, history, political science, sociology, theological studies, and other areas of related interest. The BEGP emphasizes this multi-disciplinary approach and includes scholarship from a range of disciplines, methods, and theoretical perspectives. Moreover, the BEGP is cross-cultural and transnational, including contributors from around the world to represent key insights on Pentecostalism from a range of countries and regions.

Providing summaries of the key literature, the BEGP will be the standard reference for Pentecostal Studies. All articles are fully text searchable and cross-referenced, with bibliographic information on scholarly work and recommendations for further reading.

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Race, Racism

(1,504 words)

Author(s): Daniels, David
Race and racism are key terms employed in the study of Pentecostalism with questions such as: How did race structure nascent Pentecostalism in the United States, Chile, South Africa, and other countries? Did “interracial unity” ever exist during the Azusa Street Revival? Where did Pentecostalism defy racial norms and offer an interracial or multi-racial alternative to racism? How has Pentecostalism been racialized throughout its over one hundred years of existence?Two famous quotes on American racism frame the Pentecostal engagement of race by W.E.B. DuBois, an e…
Date: 2021-07-16

Ramabai, Pandita Saraswati

(894 words)

Author(s): Lukose, Wessly
Pandita Saraswati Ramabai (1858–1922) was the most prominent Indian Christian woman in the twentieth century. She was a social reformer, educator, and Pentecostal pioneer. She was born as a Brahman (the highest caste in Hinduism), but her family went on a permanent pilgrimage because of financial crisis. They moved constantly, and lived on the alms received from the reading of the Puranas in public. Her parents taught her Sanskrit, Puranas, and the Gita, which was against the orthodox Hindu cult…
Date: 2021-07-16

Ranaghan, Kevin and Dorothy

(825 words)

Author(s): Alva, Reginald
Kevin Ranaghan was born in 1940 in New York to devout Irish Catholic parents and Dorothy was born in 1942. Kevin married Dorothy in 1966 and they have six children. Both the Ranaghans have degrees in theology from Notre Dame University. Kevin taught theology at St. Mary’s College, Indiana, while his wife taught at a Catholic High School. They have been associated with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) since its beginning in 1967 at Duquesne University, Pennsylvania (Rahaghan 1969). Initiall…
Date: 2021-07-16

Ra, Woonmong

(762 words)

Author(s): Lee, Sang Yun
Woonmong Ra (1914–2009)  is one of prominent leaders of prayer mountain movement. He was born in Pakcheon, North Pyongan province of North Korea during the Japanese occupation. He attended the Osan School which was founded by Protestant nationalists, including Seung Hun Lee. In his young age, he suffered from depression and attempted to commit suicide. To overcome depression, he devoted himself to Buddhism. He later went to Yongmunsan (Yongmun Mountain) in Yecheon-gun, Gyeongbuk Province, where …
Date: 2021-07-16

Redeemed Christian Church of God

(927 words)

Author(s): Burgess, Richard
The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is a Pentecostal denomination with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. It is one of the largest transnational Pentecostal churches in the world, with over 14,000 branches in Nigeria and branches in over 178 nations. The RCCG was founded by Josiah Akindayomi (b. 1909), a semi-illiterate Yoruba man who was converted by the Anglican Church Missionary Society. He later became a prophet in the Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) Church, one of the earliest Aladura …
Date: 2021-07-16


(825 words)

Author(s): McClymond, Michael
Writers use the terms “revival” and “revivalism” in various ways.  Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines the term “revival” as “a period of religious awakening: renewed interest in religion” with “meetings often characterized by emotional excitement....” “Revivalism” is “the spirit or kind of religion or the methods characteristic of religious revivals.” Some authors, and especially Calvinists, define revival as an unplanned event that reflects God's initiative, and revivalism as a humanly orch…
Date: 2021-07-16