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Brill’s Encyclopedia of Global Pentecostalism Online (BEGP) provides a comprehensive overview of worldwide Pentecostalism from a range of disciplinary perspectives. It offers analysis at the level of specific countries and regions, historical figures, movements and organizations, and particular topics and themes. Pentecostal Studies draws upon areas of research such as anthropology, biblical studies, economics, gender studies, global studies, history, political science, sociology, theological studies, and other areas of related interest. The BEGP emphasizes this multi-disciplinary approach and includes scholarship from a range of disciplines, methods, and theoretical perspectives. Moreover, the BEGP is cross-cultural and transnational, including contributors from around the world to represent key insights on Pentecostalism from a range of countries and regions.

Providing summaries of the key literature, the BEGP will be the standard reference for Pentecostal Studies. All articles are fully text searchable and cross-referenced, with bibliographic information on scholarly work and recommendations for further reading.

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Salt & Light

(553 words)

Author(s): Rolles, David
The Salt & Light family of churches is one of the apostolic networks that came into being in Britain in the late 1960s and 1970s, most of them with a radical Restorationist emphasis (Walker 1998, 38–41, 51–64, 129–171; Trudinger 1982: 38–41, 51–64, 129–171). The charismatic movement had started to impact the historic denominations, including a small Baptist church in Basingstoke, England, led by former London police officer Barney Coombs. Meanwhile, 50 miles north in the Oxfordshire town of Witn…
Date: 2021-07-16

Sandru, Trandafir

(591 words)

Author(s): Constantineanu, Corneliu
Trandafir Sandru (1924–1998) was born on April 13, 1924 in Secaș, Arad, Romania, and he learned of Pentecostal faith from his childhood. He was baptized at the age of 17 (1941) and began his lay ministry at 21 when he was already elected as the general secretary of the Romanian Pentecostal church (1945). Upon completion of his secondary studies in Arad, Sandru went to study ancient history at the University of Bucharest (1951–1956). He was ordained as pastor in 1953 in Bucharest and worked until…
Date: 2021-08-17

Sanford, Agnes

(907 words)

Author(s): Dignard, Martin
Agnes Mary Sanford (1897–1982) was an author, teacher, and speaker pivotal in the expansion of many aspects of Pentecostalism into the mainline and historic churches in the mid twentieth century. Her book The Healing Light was first published in 1947 and became the foundation of the Charismatic Movement’s theology of healing; it has gone through multiple printings and is still in print today. As one of the main speakers for Camps Farthest Out, she had a profound influence on many who became renewal leaders in their own denominat…
Date: 2021-07-16


(1,179 words)

Author(s): Aechtner, Tom
Science is one of the most significant intellectual achievements of human history that has important implications for Pentecostalism. Broadly speaking, contemporary science is identified by its systematic methodology for studying the physical world, with the aim of producing reliable explanations of material phenomena. This typically involves experimentation and observations of nature, deductive hypothesizing, and the formulation of general principles from discovered patterns. Importantly, these…
Date: 2021-07-16


(1,308 words)

Author(s): Martin, Bernice
There are two broad issues linking Pentecostalism with secularization which will be discussed in turn. The first is the argument that the growth of the Pentecostal movement worldwide from the 1960s onwards disproves the once widely accepted ‘unilinear’ theory among social scientists that secularization is a universal and inevitable consequence of modernity.In the 1960s it was widely accepted by social scientists that secularization was a universal consequence of modernity. The theory was an extrapolation from the evolutionary arguments underpinn…
Date: 2021-07-16


(967 words)

Author(s): Jennings, Mark
As a global phenomenon, with no centralised ecclesiastical government, Pentecostalism has no single, unified position or theology of sexuality. This entry focuses on the majority view of Pentecostals on sexuality.Pentecostal views on sexuality are grounded in two connected concepts: a restorationist orientation, and a spirit-body dualism. Early twentieth-century Pentecostals regarded their movement as a restoration of first-century Christianity. Grounded in a common-sense realist biblical hermeneutic, and holding the belief…
Date: 2021-07-16

Seymour, William

(1,539 words)

Author(s): Espinosa, Gastón
William J. Seymour (1870–1922) was born to former slaves Simon and Phyllis Salabar in Centerville, Louisiana, on May 2. He and his seven brothers and sisters attended the Catholic Church of the Assumption in Franklin before attending New Providence Baptist Church in Centerville. In the 1890s, like thousands of other southern Blacks, he traveled north along the routes of the former Underground Railroad and lived variously in Memphis, TN, St. Louis, MO, Indianapolis, IN, Cincinnati, OH, and elsewh…
Date: 2021-07-16