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Brill’s Encyclopedia of Global Pentecostalism Online (BEGP) provides a comprehensive overview of worldwide Pentecostalism from a range of disciplinary perspectives. It offers analysis at the level of specific countries and regions, historical figures, movements and organizations, and particular topics and themes. Pentecostal Studies draws upon areas of research such as anthropology, biblical studies, economics, gender studies, global studies, history, political science, sociology, theological studies, and other areas of related interest. The BEGP emphasizes this multi-disciplinary approach and includes scholarship from a range of disciplines, methods, and theoretical perspectives. Moreover, the BEGP is cross-cultural and transnational, including contributors from around the world to represent key insights on Pentecostalism from a range of countries and regions.

Providing summaries of the key literature, the BEGP will be the standard reference for Pentecostal Studies. All articles are fully text searchable and cross-referenced, with bibliographic information on scholarly work and recommendations for further reading.

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Bochian, Pavel

(723 words)

Author(s): Constantineanu, Corneliu
Pavel Bochian (1918–1996) was born on  July 13 in Mocrea-Ineu, Arad district, and was baptized with water when he was 13 years old and baptized in the Spirit three years later. He married Ileana in 1942 and had three daughters and two sons. He became a pastor and later the leader of the Pentecostal denomination.Like many Pentecostals believers and leaders in the early days of the church in Romania, Bochian suffered from the authorities. In 1938 he was imprisoned in Arad and Timișoara for preaching without having an “official” accreditation. In 194…
Date: 2021-07-16

Boddy, Alexander and Mary

(1,125 words)

Author(s): Wakefield, Gavin
Alexander Alfred Boddy (1854–1930) and Mary Boddy (née Pollock) (1855–1928), a Church of England clergyman and his wife, played major roles in establishing the Pentecostal movement in the United Kingdom, its development in Western Europe, and encouraging it across the English-speaking world. They also served for many years in a parish church amongst the industrial workers of one of the busiest shipbuilding ports in the world.Both were raised in clergy families: Alexander was brought up in Red Banks, Cheetham, a poor district of Manchester, then rapidly expand…
Date: 2021-07-16


(1,952 words)

Author(s): Autero, Esa
Pentecostalism arrived in Bolivia relatively late compared to neighboring Chile and Brazil. The first Pentecostal missionaries came from Sweden in 1920 (Johansson 1992, 74–75). The most important pioneer of the Swedish mission ( Misión Sueca Libre) was Gustaf Flood (1895–1990) who settled in the town of Punata (near Cochabamba) in the early 1920s (1920 or 1921). He was soon accompanied by other Swedes and ministries sprung up in Santa Cruz and Villa Montes (Johansson 1992, 75–77). Swedish mission continued to pioneer Pentecostali…
Date: 2021-07-16

Bonnke, Reinhard

(1,168 words)

Author(s): Haustein, Jörg | Fischer, Moritz
Reinhard Bonnke (1940–2019) was a German Pentecostal evangelist, best-known for his huge open-air meetings in Africa. Bonnke was born on April 19, 1940 in Königsberg (Kaliningrad), as the fifth child of a Pentecostal church organist and her husband, who was an army officer. His childhood was shaped by the Second World War, the family’s dramatic escape from East Prussia, and four years in a Danish internment camp. Gradually, the family managed to rebuild their lives in Northern Germany, where Bonnke’s father pastored a Pentecostal congregation mainly for refugees.Bonnke’s autobiogr…
Date: 2021-07-16

Bosworth, F.F.

(894 words)

Author(s): Barnes III, Roscoe
Fred Francis (F.F.) Bosworth (1877–1958) was a Pentecostal pioneer, musician, and famous healing evangelist whose ministry spanned several decades, beginning in the early years of the twentieth century. He played a prominent role in the Pentecostal movement in the United States. He also worked with the healing evangelists of the Voice of Healing during the post-World War II healing revival.Bosworth was born on January 17, 1877, to Burton and Amelia Bosworth on a farm near Utica, NE. As a child, Bosworth discovered his talent for music, and he learned to…
Date: 2021-07-16


(670 words)

Author(s): Amanze, James N.
Botswana is considered a Christian country though this assertion is not enshrined in the constitution which is secular. There is freedom of worship but religious societies are required to be registered by the Registrar of Societies in accordance with the Societies Act 1972. As a result, there are different types of Christianities in Botswana. One of these consists of Pentecostal-Charismatic Churches. These churches were introduced in the country as early as the 1930s but their impact began to be felt only from the beginning of the 1960s and 1970s. During this period missionaries from A…
Date: 2021-07-16

Bradin, Gheorghe

(702 words)

Author(s): Constantineanu, Corneliu
Gheorghe Bradin (1895–1962) was born to a rather modest family on February 3, 1895, in Ghioroc, the district of Lipova in Romania. Converted from an Orthodox family to the Baptist church where he met Persida, his future wife, he was baptized in water on May 10, 1914 at the age of 19. In 1915 Bradin was enrolled in the army and sent to the frontline in the Austro-Hungarian army, but was captured by the Russians and imprisoned in Russia until February 1918. On his return, he married Persida in 1918 and live in Păuliș where he eventually became the leader of a local Baptist church on January 1, 1922.Ju…
Date: 2021-07-16

Branham, William Marrion

(866 words)

Author(s): Shelton, Sally Jo
William Marrion Branham was born near Burkesville, Kentucky, on April 6, 1909. A lifelong mystic, he began having visions at age three. After his impoverished family moved to Indiana, Branham at the age of seven heard a voice from a treetop telling him not to smoke, drink, or defile his body as God had work for him in the future. Following an unhappy childhood and youth, Branham left Jeffersonville in his late teens to work on an Arizona ranch but eventually returned home to work for a local gas company where he suffered …
Date: 2021-07-16

Brawner, Mina

(906 words)

Author(s): Austin, Denise A.
Mina Conrod Ross Brawner (1874–1960) was a medical doctor from the USA, who became one of the most influential female Pentecostal leaders in early twentieth-century Australia. Despite facing difficult personal challenges, she maintained an effective healing ministry, planted multiple churches, established a Bible training institute, and was a key spokesperson for the promotion of women in church leadership.Mina was one of ten children born in the Sterling Valley (near Oswego), New York to poor Scottish migrants, Gerrard and Margaret (née Brebner) Ross…
Date: 2021-07-16


(1,071 words)

Author(s): Ayres Mattos, Paulo
Since the early twentieth-century, Pentecostalism has had a growing presence in Brazil. The Brazilian religious landscape expresses an amazing and vital diversity. Such diversity is not a recent invention or even a re-invention of something forgotten in the past, but a continuous result of Brazilian cultural history that, through a process of the interpenetration and accommodation of various religious traditions, shaped the formation of the “Brazilian folk-religions” (Bastide 2007).The Catholicism transplanted to Brazil by the Portuguese colonizers reflected the…
Date: 2021-07-16


(866 words)

Author(s): Donev, Dony K.
Pentecostalism was brought to Bulgaria by Russian immigrants to the United States, Ivan Voronaev and Dionessy Zaplishny, who undertook the difficult missionary journey to Eastern Europe with their families and coworkers on July 13, 1920. In just a short time after a center was established in the Congregational church in Bourgas on April 26, 1921, some 18 Pentecostal assemblies formed across the country. The movement grew rapidly even after Voronaev and his team left for Odessa on August 12, 1921. But a split o…
Date: 2021-07-16

Buntain, D. Mark

(854 words)

Author(s): Tennison, Allen
Daniel Mark Buntain (1923–1989) served as a missionary in Calcutta, India where he, along with his wife Huldah Buntain, founded the Mission of Mercy. Together they planted a ministry that included a large congregation, a six-storey hospital, a feeding program providing daily meals for thousands, and dozens of schools for children and adults.Buntain was born in Winnipeg, Canada, where his father, Daniel Newton Buntain, pastored a prominent Methodist congregation. His father opposed the early success of Pentecostalism in Canada until he attended a …
Date: 2021-07-16

Burton, William Frederick

(878 words)

Author(s): Emmett, Dave
William Frederick Padwick Burton (1886–1971) was born in Liverpool in 1886. He was the son of a sea captain and grew up in a notable family in Surrey. He played football for the local Reigate team, trained as an engineer. He described himself as a teenager “getting into sin and sadness.” He was converted after hearing R.A. Torrey’s preaching in London in 1905.Burton went to Preston to work as an engineer and was baptized in the Spirit in 1910. In 1911 he joined the Pentecostal Missionary Union (PMU) Bible school in Preston. He preached the gospel and pr…
Date: 2021-07-16