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Edited by: John E. Cort, Denison University, Paul Dundas, University of Edinburgh, Knut A. Jacobsen, University of Bergen, Kristi L. Wiley, University of California, Berkeley

Brill’s Encyclopedia of Jainism Online makes available up-to-date research on main aspects of the Jain traditions in original essays written by some of the world’s foremost scholars on Jainism. The encyclopedia is thematic and seeks to present a balanced and impartial view of Jainism with a focus on both historical and contemporary traditions and institutions. The articles address topics such as the human condition, pantheons, historical perspectives, regional cultures, renunciation, lay society, ritual, devotion, visual and material culture, time and space, literature, and philosophy and logic.

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Tapas and Asceticism

(9,221 words)

Author(s): Kelting, M. Whitney
The foundations and basic framework of tapas are shared by all Jains and have their roots in some of the earliest of shared practices and literatures. The particular ways asceticism manifests may differ depending on the models derived from the narrative literature, and sometimes, regional practices. Accordingly, since this article is based in part on fieldwork that the author has conducted over several decades among Gujarati-speaking Śvetāmbara Mūrtipūjaka (“Image-Worshipping”) Jains, when appropriate…
Date: 2019-04-15

Temples, Icons, and Pūjā

(9,454 words)

Author(s): Babb, Lawrence A.
Jain temples are among the most conspicuous manifestations of Jainism in India’s public spaces. Often quite lavishly appointed and maintained, they typically receive substantial financial support from wealthy Jain businessmen, who make contributions to the renovation, upkeep, and ongoing ritual life of temples. The temples stand as a tribute to the piety and wealth of the communities in which they are situated, and the Jina icons they house are material expressions par excellence of Jain beliefs and values.It is important to note that not all Jains worship icons in shrin…
Date: 2019-04-15