Brill’s New Jacoby

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General Editor: Ian Worthington

Brill's New Jacoby is a fully-revised and enlarged edition of Jacoby’s Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker I-III, providing new texts of the ancient historians in many instances as well as several new historians and many new fragments of existing historians that were either unknown to Jacoby or excluded by him. Especially important is that for the first time ever commentaries are provided on the final 248 historians in FGrHist I-III, which Jacoby was unable to prepare before his death. In addition, and also for the first time, Brill's New Jacoby presents facing English translations of all the testimonia and fragments, new, critical commentaries on all the testimony and fragments, and a brief encyclopedia-style entry about each historian’s life and works, with a select bibliography.

Brill’s New Jacoby
is nearing completion with final publication of the last historian scheduled for 2019. A list of the available historians in alphabetical order can be viewed in the contents tab below.

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Caecilius Calactinus (183)

(2,335 words)

Author(s): Jenkins, Fred W.
This entry was prepared by Fred Jenkins and published on 1 April 2011. About this Historian Historian: Caecilius Calactinus Jacoby number: 183 Attested works: Historian's date: 1st century BC Historical focus: II. Chronography ( Political-Military History) | B. Specific History and Monographs | l. 2nd and 1st c. BC History until Augustus Place of origin: unknown   BNJ 183 T 1 Source: Suda, s.v. Καικίλιος Work mentioned: Source date: 10th century AD Source language: Greek Fragment subject: biography-to 500 - Library of Congress rhetoric, ancient - Library of Congress criticism - …

Cassius Longinus (259)

(794 words)

Author(s): Benferhat, Yasmina
This entry was prepared by Yasmina Benferhat and published on 1 April 2007. About this Historian Historian: Longinos Jacoby number: 259 Attested works: n.a. Historian's date: 2nd century BC Historical focus: II. Chronography ( Political-Military History) | D. Chronologies | Place of origin: unknown   BNJ 259 T 1 Source: Eusebios of Caesarea, Chronography, p. 125, 15 (ed. Karst) Work mentioned: n.a. Source date: 4th century AD Source language: Armenian Fragment subject: history, ancient - Library of Congress Textual base: Jacoby Eusebios of Caesarea, Chronographia (ed. Karst) [V…