Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 2 : Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts

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Edited by: Manfred Landfester
The Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts gives a clear overview of authors and Major Works of Greek and Latin literature, and their history in written tradition, from Late Antiquity until present: papyri, manuscripts, Scholia, early and contemporary authoritative editions, translations and comments.

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Lactantius, Lucius Cae(ci)lius Firmianus

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Author(s): Hubl, Christina
b. ca. AD 250 in North Africa; d. probably AD 325 in Gaul; Christian apologist, who, in AD 290, was summoned by Diocletian to teach rhetoric in Nicomedia; he gave up his teaching position at the start of the Great Persecution of Christians in 303. Emperor Constantinus [1] I brought him to Gaul, probably to Trier, as a tutor for his eldest son Crispus [1]. Works The extant work comprise Christian writings of various genres, as well as De ave Phoenice, the earliest Christian poem in Latin, modelled on classical examples. His secular works, written before 303 (a Symposion, an Itinerarium, a Grammat…