Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 2 : Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts

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Edited by: Manfred Landfester
The Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts gives a clear overview of authors and Major Works of Greek and Latin literature, and their history in written tradition, from Late Antiquity until present: papyri, manuscripts, Scholia, early and contemporary authoritative editions, translations and comments.

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Oppianus (Oppian)

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Author(s): Landfester, Manfred
[1] of Anazarbus (or Corycus) in Cilicia; active in the 2nd half of the 2nd cent AD; author of a Greek didactic poem about fishing. [2] of Apamea; active in the first half of the 3rd cent. AD; author of a Greek didactic poem about hunting. Works Two didactic poems are transmitted under the name of Oppianus: Halieutiká ( Hal.), On Fishing, and Kynēgetiká ( Kyn.), On Hunting. Due to differences in the quality of these texts, it is generally accepted that they were written by different authors. Hal. is now attributed to an Oppianus [1] of Anazarbus, and Kyn. is attributed to an Oppianus [2] of A…


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Author(s): Landfester, Manfred
b. ca. AD 320 in Pergamum; d. ca. AD 390/400; Greek physician and author of medical treatises. Works The œuvre consists of excerpts and epitomes of works by Galen and other physicians. Editions Individual works have occasionally been issued in the original Greek since 1543. The first complete Greek edition was published between 1851 and 1876. Translations Some Late Antique Latin translations are extant. Oribasius’ work became known particularly through Latin translations that emerged in the first half of the 16th cent., beginning with individual works…

Origenes (Origen)

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Author(s): Landfester, Manfred
b. ca AD 185/6 in Alexandria; d. in AD 254, probably in Tyre; important Greek Christian theologian and philosopher; teacher at the Catechetical School of Alexandria, and successor to Clemens [3] of Alexandria. Works Only a small part of his works is extant, half of which in Latin translation. Prominent among the lost works are his commentaries and homilies on the Bible. Works Greek Title Latin Title English Title Dating Brief Description 1 Ἑξαπλᾶ (Βιβλία)/Hexaplâ (Biblía) ( Hex.) Hexapla The Sixfold Bible 228–245 Text-crit. edn. of the OT, extant in frgs.: (1) Heb. text; (2) H…

Orosius, Paulus (?)

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Author(s): Horstmann, Henning
ca. AD 400; probably from Bracara (Portugal); Roman Church Father close to Augustinus. Works Three works are extant; the main work is the Historiae adversum paganos, the earliest Christian universal history. Manuscripts On the whole a rich transmission, at least 275 manuscripts are extant. Editions Among the more recent editions of O. the Historiae adversum paganos occupies a prominent position. Translations Worth noting is a partial Old English translation of the Historiae adversum paganos from the 9th cent., commissioned by the Anglo-Saxon king Alfred (848–899). Works Latin Tit…