Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 2 : Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts

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Edited by: Manfred Landfester
The Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts gives a clear overview of authors and Major Works of Greek and Latin literature, and their history in written tradition, from Late Antiquity until present: papyri, manuscripts, Scholia, early and contemporary authoritative editions, translations and comments.

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Silius Italicus, Tiberius Catius Asconius

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Author(s): Rühl, Meike
b. ca. AD 26; d. ca. AD 102; Roman epic poet. Works The only extant work is his Punica, which is concerned with the Second Punic War (218–201 BC). Manuscripts Transmitted in a codex discovered by G.F. Poggio during the Council of Constance in 1417, but now lost. All later codices (32 in total) descend from this codex via another codex, which is also lost. Editions About 15 printed editions had been published by the mid 16th cent. Works Latin Title English Title Dating Brief Description 1 Punica The Punic War before 96 Historical epic about the Second Punic War in 17 bks. Manuscripts Name / Number Dat…