Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 2 : Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts

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Edited by: Manfred Landfester
The Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts gives a clear overview of authors and Major Works of Greek and Latin literature, and their history in written tradition, from Late Antiquity until present: papyri, manuscripts, Scholia, early and contemporary authoritative editions, translations and comments.

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Tacitus, (Publius?) Cornelius

(1,504 words)

Author(s): Pausch, Dennis
b. ca. AD 55; d. ca. AD 120; Latin historian. Works Two annalistic historical accounts of the Roman Imperial Age ( Histories and Annals), and three minor works (Dialogue on Orators, biography of Agricola; description of Germania). Manuscripts Each of these works was transmitted to the Middle Ages in only a single copy. They were discovered comparatively lately; the codex containing the minor works was largely destroyed after having been copied in the mid-15th cent. The reception of Tacitus only intensified from the Renaissance onwards. Translations Translations of individual work…

Tatianus (Tatian the Assyrian)

(1,079 words)

Author(s): Loessl, Josef
b. in Mesopotamia (Assyria); active in Rome ca. AD 165–172, possibly returned to the East afterwards; Early Christian author, pupil of Iustinus [6] ; later rejected by the official Church as the founder of an heretic (‘Encratitic’) sect. Works Of his numerous exegetic and theological works, only the Address to the Greeks ( Lógos pros Héllēnas; Hell.) is extant. It is not clear whether the Diatessaron ( To diá tessárōn euangélion), attributed to Tatianus, was originally written in Greek or Syriac. Papyri A parchment fragment of the Diatessaron, dating from the 3rd cent. AD, was dis…

Terentius Afer, Publius (Terence)

(1,940 words)

Author(s): Landfester, Manfred
b. 185 (or 195) BC in Carthage; d. 159 or 158 BC; important Roman comic playwright. Works The six extant comedies represent Terence’s complete work. Their chronology is confirmed by the didascalia; such confirmation of dates is exceptional in Archaic literature. All of his pieces are adaptations of Greek comedies; four are based on plays by Menander [4], two on plays by Apollodorus [5] of Carystus. Terence was one of the most widely read authors in Antiquity. Although most ancient commentaries that confirm his importance in A…

Tertullianus, Quintus Septimius Florens (Tertullian)

(3,290 words)

Author(s): Werner, Matthias
b. ca. AD 160 in Carthage; d. after AD 220 in Carthage; Early Christian Latin theologian. Works Thirty-one works from his prolific oeuvre, covering a wide range of topics, are extant. Manuscripts His works are transmitted in varying combinations in 5 important corpora. On the whole, the transmission is rather poor. The Apologeticum has a transmission history of its own, and is transmitted in more than 30 manuscripts. The Codex Fuldensis, with its deviation from the Manuscript Vulgata, is lost. Editions Knowledge of Tertullian’s writings continued to be transmitted in manuscr…