Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 6 : History of classical Scholarship - A Biographical Dictionary

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Edited by: Peter Kuhlmann (Göttingen) and Helmuth Schneider (Kassel)

This compendium gives a comprehensive overview of the history of classical studies. Alphabetically arranged, it provides biographies of over 700 scholars from the fourteenth century onwards who have made their mark on the study of Antiquity. These include the lives, careers and works of classical philologists, archaeologists, ancient historians, students of epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology, Egyptology and the Ancient Near East, philosophers, anthropologists, social scientists, art historians, collectors and writers. The biographies put the scholars in their social, political and cultural contexts while focusing on their scholarly achievements and their contributions to modern classical scholarship.

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Wace, Alan

(620 words)

Author(s): Dickinson, Oliver
British archaeologist. Born Alan John Bayard W. 13. 7. 1879, died Athens 9. 11. 1957. 1898–1901 studied classics at Cambridge, 1906 MA 1902–1911 member of the British School at Athens (BSA), librarian there 1905/06. 1912–1914 lecturer in ancient history and archaeology. 1914–1923 director of the BSA. 1915–1919 war service at British mission in Athens. 1924–1934 Deputy Keeper in the Department of Textiles in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 1934–1944 Laurence Prof. of Classical Archaeolo…

Wackernagel, Jacob

(466 words)

Author(s): Visser, Edzard
Swiss Indo-European scholar. Born Basel 11. 12. 1853, died there 22. 5. 1938. Studied classics, Germanic studies and history at Basel, Göttingen, Leipzig and Oxford; 1875 doctorate at Basel. 1876 priv.-doz. there in Greek language and literature and Sanskrit; 1879 prof. ext., 1881 prof. ord. there. From 1902 prof. ord. in comparative linguistics at Göttingen, 1915–1936 at Basel in the same capacity; retired 1936. Career and works W., the son of the Germanist Wilhelm W., who had been appointed to Basel from Berlin, immediately followed up his studies and doctora…

Wagner, Johann Martin von

(465 words)

Author(s): Sinn, Ulrich
German artist, art agent and archaeologist. Born Würzburg 24. 6. 1777, died Rome 8. 8. 1858. 1797–1802 trained at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna; 1803/04 further study in Paris. 1804 appointed to teach advanced draughtsmanship at the Univ. of Würzburg; immediately moved to Rome, initially on a scholarship from the Univ. of Würzburg, then from ¶ 1810 as art agent to the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig. Ennobled 1829. Career and influence The son of the Würzburg court sculptor Johann Peter W., W. entered his father’s studio in 1794. Here he learned the princi…

Walde, Alois

(439 words)

Author(s): Kuhlmann, Peter
Austrian linguist and Indo-European scholar. Born Innsbruck 30. 11. 1869, died there 3. 10. 1924. School and studies in Innsbruck, 1894 doctorate and 1896 habil. there. Worked at Univ. Library. From 1907 prof. ext. at Innsbruck; from 1909 prof. ord. in Indo-European linguistics at Giessen; from 1912 prof. ord. at Innsbruck, 1916/17 rector of the univ. 1922 prof. ord. at Königsberg; 1923 prof. ord. at Breslau. Work and influence W. studied in Innsbruck and Leipzig with prominent teachers of the Neogrammarian school, including Karl Brugmann and August Leskien. Afte…

Walser, Gerold

(598 words)

Author(s): Kloft, Hans
Swiss ancient historian. Born Zurich 25. 5. 1917, died Basel 3. 7. 2000. From 1936, studied ancient history and classical philology at the Univ. of Basel, interrupted by World War II. 1946 doctorate at Univ. of Basel [1]; 1952 habil. there. 1953–1978 prof. ord. in ancient history at Univ. of Bern. After retiring, took teaching jobs at the Univ. of Freiburg from 1991. 1997 honorary doctorate from Freiburg. As co-founder (with Karl Friedrich Stroheker) and editor of Historia, he was a formative influence on this international periodical of German provenance [25]. Work and influence W. was …

Warburg, Aby

(1,120 words)

Author(s): Freigang, Christian
German art historian and cultural scholar. Born Hamburg 13. 6. 1866, died there 26. 10. 1929. 1886–1892 studied art history etc. with Karl Justi, Hermann Usener and Karl Lamprecht at Bonn, then, when Justi refused to supervise his dissertation, at Strasbourg with Hubert Janitschek and Adolf Michaelis. 1895/96 visited United States, where he studied Native American rituals. Then spent time in Florence. From 1904 private scholar in Hamburg; refused several teaching positions. From 1905, made his s…

Ward-Perkins, John Bryan

(824 words)

Author(s): Heitz, Christian | Graepler, Daniel
British classical archaeologist. Born Bromley, Kent, 3. 2. 1912, died Cirencester 28. 5. 1981. Attended Winchester College, 1934 BA from New College, Oxford; 1935 scholarship to the British School at Rome. 1936–1939 assistant at London Museum; 1939 prof. of archaeology at the Royal Univ. of Malta. 1943–1945 director of the Allied Sub-Commission for Monuments and Fine Arts in Italy; 1946–1974 head of the British School at Rome (BSR). Honorary doctorates from Birmingham (1955) and Alberta (1969); 1974–1979 president of the Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica. Work …

Weber, Max

(1,440 words)

Author(s): Schneider, Helmuth
German jurist, sociologist and economist. Born Erfurt 21. 4. 1864, died Munich 14. 6. 1920. School in Berlin; 1882–1886 studied law; 1889 doctorate, 1892 habil. in Berlin. 1893 prof. of economics at Freiburg. 1896–1903 prof. of economics at Heidelberg; 1919–1920 prof. in Munich. Biography and career W.’s father, the jurist Max W., was a paid city councillor in Berlin from 1869, and between 1868 and 1897 he was a National Liberal member of the Prussian Abgeordnetenhaus, and from 1872 to 1884 of the German Reichstag. W. studied law at Heidelberg, Berlin and Göttingen from 1882 to…

Weber, Wilhelm

(451 words)

Author(s): Baltrusch, Ernst
German ancient historian. Born Heidelberg 28. 12. 1882, died Berlin 21. 11. 1948. Studied classical and German philology, history, archaeology and art history at Heidelberg. Doctorate 1906 with Alfred von Domaszewski; habil. 1911, also Heidelberg. 1911 prof. ord. in history at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen; professorships at Frankfurt 1916, Tübingen 1918 and Halle 1925. Refused appointments to Göttingen in 1920 and to Bonn in 1928. 1932–1945 prof. ord. at Univ. of Berlin. Work and influence W.’s speciality was the history of the Roman Imperial Period, in particular fro…

Welcker, Friedrich Gottlieb

(478 words)

Author(s): Fornaro, Sotera
German classical philologist and archaeologist. Born Grünberg (Giessen) 4. 11. 1784, died Bonn 17. 12. 1868. Studied theology at the Univ. of Giessen from 1801, dissertation there 1803. 1804 lecturer at Faculty of Theology there. Tour of Italy 1806. From 1808, prof. of Greek literature and archaeology at Univ. of Giessen. 1816–1818 prof. of Greek literature at the Univ. of Göttingen, from 1819 at the Univ. of Bonn. Also at Bonn, senior librarian of the newly-founded univ. library. Travels to Greece and Italy 1841–1843. Work and influence W., who from 1806 to 1808 was a private tut…

Welskopf-Henrich, Liselotte

(490 words)

Author(s): Herrmann-Otto, Elisabeth
German ancient historian and author. Born Elisabeth Charlotte W., Munich, 15. 9. 1901, died Garmisch-Partenkirchen 16. 6. 1979. Abitur 1921 in Berlin; 1921–1925 studied there. Author from 1923; 1925 doctorate in Berlin. 1925–1928 company statistician; 1928–1945 advisor in the Statistisches Reichsamt Berlin; 1943–1945 active resistance to the National Socialist regime. Member of the Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands (KPD, Communist Party of Germany) 1946, later of the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands (SED, Socialist Unity Party). 1949–1952 doctoral ca…