Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 6 : History of classical Scholarship - A Biographical Dictionary

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Edited by: Peter Kuhlmann (Göttingen) and Helmuth Schneider (Kassel)

This compendium gives a comprehensive overview of the history of classical studies. Alphabetically arranged, it provides biographies of over 700 scholars from the fourteenth century onwards who have made their mark on the study of Antiquity. These include the lives, careers and works of classical philologists, archaeologists, ancient historians, students of epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology, Egyptology and the Ancient Near East, philosophers, anthropologists, social scientists, art historians, collectors and writers. The biographies put the scholars in their social, political and cultural contexts while focusing on their scholarly achievements and their contributions to modern classical scholarship.

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Oppenheim, Adolph Leo

(762 words)

Author(s): Hunger, Hermann
Austrian-American Assyriologist. Born Adolf Leo O., Vienna, 7. 6. 1904, died Berkeley, California, 21. 7. 1974. Studied Oriental studies at Univ. of Vienna, with doctorate 1933. Assistant at Oriental institute there. Dismissed on racial grounds 1938; emigration (via France) to United States (parents murdered at Theresienstadt). 1941/42 worked at New York Public Library, then 1945 at Johns Hopkins Univ. in Baltimore, 1945/46 at Dropsie College in Philadelphia, 1944–1947 at the Asia Institute in N…

Oppert, Jules

(907 words)

Author(s): Lion, Brigitte | Michel, Cécile
German-French ancient Near Eastern scholar. Born Julius Samuel O., Hamburg, 9. 7. 1825, died Paris 21. 8. 1905. 1844–1847 studied law and Indo-European and Semitic linguistics at Heidelberg, Bonn and Berlin; 1846 doctorate in law at Kiel. 1847 moved to France. 1848–1850 German teacher at Lycée in Laval, then at Reims. 1852–1854 expedition to Mesopotamia. French citizen 1854, 1855 study trip to British Museum, London; 1856 Croix de la Légion d’honneur. 1857 prof. of Sanskrit and comparative linguistics at École des langues, Paris [8]. 1863 prize award of 20,000 francs for his…

Orlandos, Anastasios

(461 words)

Author(s): Moustaka, Aliki
Greek archaeologist. Born Athens 23. 12. 1887, died there 6. 10. 1979. Studied at Athens Technical Univ.; 1915 doctorate at faculty of philosophy of Univ. of Athens. 1920–1958 director of department for the restoration of ancient monuments. 1919–1940 prof. ord. in architecture at Athens Technical Univ.; 1939–1958 prof. ord. in Byzantine archaeology at Univ. of Athens. Member of many scholarly associations and academies. 1946–1956 secretary, 1950 president of the Athens Academy of Sciences; 1951–…

Orsini, Fulvio

(1,071 words)

Author(s): Lang, Jörn
Ursinus, Fulvius; Italian antiquarian. Born Rome 11. 12. 1529, died there in May 1600. Studied with Gentile Delfini; canon in St. John ¶ Lateran from around 1535. From 1558, secretary and librarian of Cardinal Ranuccio Farnese; 1565 conservator of the collection of antiquities of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. 1577 refused an appointment to the Univ. of Krakow and Wilna. From 1581 corretore greco in Bibliotheca Vaticana; from 1589 in the service of Cardinal Odoardo Farnese, renowned as a patron of the arts and a collector [10. 233–242]. Works O.’s antiquarian training took place und…

Orsi, Paolo

(858 words)

Author(s): Paoletti, Maurizio
Italian archaeologist and prehistorian. Born Rovereto (then Austria) 17. 10. 1859, died there 8. 11. 1935. 1877–1882 studied at the Univs. of Vienna, Rome and Padua, laurea Padua. 1888–1924 director of the Archaeological Museum of Syracuse and inspector (later superintendent) of excavations and antiquities for eastern Sicily. 1889 lecturer, then until 1899 prof. ext. of archaeology at Univ. of Catania; 1908–1924 superintendent of antiquities for Calabria (and the Basilicata); 1924–1934 superintendent of antiquities for a…

Otto, Walter

(389 words)

Author(s): Heinen, Heinz
German ancient historian. Born Breslau 30. 5. 1878, died Munich 1. 11. 1941. König-Wilhelm-Gymnasium; 1896–1903 studied ancient history and classical and Oriental languages at Univ. of Breslau; 1903 doctorate there. Two further semesters at Berlin; 1907 habil. at Breslau. 1907–1909 prof. ext. at Univ. of Greifswald; 1909–1914 prof. ord. there; 1914–1916 prof. ord. at Marburg, 1916–1918 at Breslau, 1918–1941 at Munich. From 1918 Member of the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften [6]; [7]. Work and influence As a student of Ulrich Wilcken, O. chose to specialize in his…