Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 6 : History of classical Scholarship - A Biographical Dictionary

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Edited by: Peter Kuhlmann (Göttingen) and Helmuth Schneider (Kassel)

This compendium gives a comprehensive overview of the history of classical studies. Alphabetically arranged, it provides biographies of over 700 scholars from the fourteenth century onwards who have made their mark on the study of Antiquity. These include the lives, careers and works of classical philologists, archaeologists, ancient historians, students of epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology, Egyptology and the Ancient Near East, philosophers, anthropologists, social scientists, art historians, collectors and writers. The biographies put the scholars in their social, political and cultural contexts while focusing on their scholarly achievements and their contributions to modern classical scholarship.

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Overbeck, Johannes

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Author(s): Cain, Hans-Ulrich
German classical archaeologist. Born Johannes Adolph O., Antwerp, 27. 3. 1826, died Leipzig 8. 11. 1895. 1845–1848 studied classics at Bonn; doctorate there 1849 and habil. 1851. 1853 prof. ext., 1859 prof. ord. at Univ. of Leipzig. 1875/76 rector. Biography and scholarly career O. was born into an artistically ambitious legal family from Lübeck, and was a nephew of the leading Nazarene Friedrich O. He grew up in Antwerp and Hamburg, and studied at Bonn from 1845 to 1848. His teachers there were Friedrich G. Welcker in classical archaeol…