Brill’s New Pauly Supplements II - Volume 7 : Figures of Antiquity and their Reception in Art, Literature and Music

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Edited by: Peter van Möllendorff, Annette Simonis and Linda Simonis

The 96 contributions in Brill’s New Pauly Supplement 7: Historical Figures from Antiquity depict the survival of great characters from Antiquity to the modern world. Each article presents an overview of the latest research on what we know concerning the lives of the historical person or legendary figure and then recounts the reception of these figures throughout history, giving special attention on the viewpoints in the early modern and contemporary periods.

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Author(s): Dallapiazza, Michael
(Ζηνοβία/ Zēnobía; Latin Septimia Zenobia) A. Historical dimension Z. (Aramaic/Palmyrene Bat-Zabbai, b. c. AD 240 in Palmyra, d. after AD 274 in Rome) was the second wife of the king of Palmyra and dux Romanorum et corrector totius Orientis, Septimius Odaenathus. After his death, she became (still in the reign of Gallienus) regent of Palmyra and the entire Roman east on behalf of her underage son Vaballathus (AD 267/68 to 272; Zos. 1,39,2; SHA Gall. 13; SHA Tyr. Trig. 30; SHA Aurel. 38,1). The expansionist policy that from AD 270 ex…
Date: 2016-02-22


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Author(s): Baumann, Mario
(Ζεῦξις/ Zeûxis; Latin Zeuxis) A. Historical dimension Z. of Heraclea (probably in ancient Lucania, modern Basilicata, in Southern Italy [03.534]), a Greek painter and modeller ( plastēs), was active between around 430 and 390 BC. He created works for a number of cities in Greece proper, Magna Graecia and Sicily, and for King Archelaus of Macedonia, whose palace he decorated with paintings (Ael. VH 14,17). The ancient sources (esp. Plin. HN 35,61–66 and Lucian's treatise  Zeuxis, cf. [09. no. 1659–1679]) describe a broad spectrum of Z.' subjects, from depictions of dei…
Date: 2016-02-22