Brill's Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education

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Series Editors: William M. Reynolds and Brad Porfilio

Comprising 2000 entries, Brill’s Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education is a fully searchable database presenting comprehensive and accurate portraits of the various disciplines related to critical thinking and understanding in Educational Research. What readers will encounter in this database is what the various fields are saying, and have been saying during their various histories. Designed to open up conversations among current established scholars and future, next generation scholars nationally and internationally, these complicated conversations further expand the various fields and lead to possibilities for praxis. Praxis emphasizes the increase of critical knowledge and understandings both for self-development and social reconstruction. There is a uniqueness in Critical Understanding in Education in the commitment to the focus on the historical development and comprehensive critical presentation of a particular discipline.

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Labor and Whiteness

(3,226 words)

Author(s): Dyke, Erin
Related Entries: Capitalism; Intersectionality; Neoliberalism; Settler Colonialism; Social Class

Ladson-Billings, Gloria

(2,967 words)

Author(s): Hayes, Nini | Hooper, Leta
Related Entries: Black Americans and Whiteness; Critical Race Theory; Omni and Winant; Whiteness as Property … Gloria Ladson-Billings is a distinguished academic and educational researcher. She is a Professor Emerita…

Latin American Immigration in the Spanish Educational System

(9,553 words)

Author(s): Andrés Cabello, Sergio | Chinchurreta Santamaría, Jhoana | Giró Miranda, Joaquín
1 Introduction In two decades (2000–2020), Spain has changed its social structure due, to a large extent, to the increase in immigration (Fernández García & Andrés Cabello, 2014). If in 1998 the foreign population was just over 600,000 people, representing 1.6% of the country’s inhabitants, in 2019 it amounted to more than five million and its weight in the overall population census was 10.71% (National Statistics Institute, 2020). Likewise, the transformation of Spanish society has not been alien to conflicts linked to coexistence in a multicultural context, with episodes of racism and xenophobia (Caro et al., 2020), as well as situations of discrimination, as in other societies (Veit & Thijsen, 2019). These…

Latinx Adopted People’s Quest for Self-understanding: Alone and Brown in a Sea of Whiteness

(10,007 words)

Author(s): Flores-Koulish, Stephanie
1 Introduction The U.S. news has recently reported that 545 children separated from their parents at the U.S./Mexico border by the Trump administration have not been reunited with their parents, because…

Latinx Educators Dismantling Borders: “We Are Evolving, We Are Game Changers, We Are World Changers”

(9,646 words)

Author(s): Johnson, Lauren | Hardee, Sheri
As administrators of a College of Education at a public university in the southeastern United States, part of our work involves the coordination and expansion of a teacher pipeline program for Latinx …

Lavender Scares/Queer Purges

(2,499 words)

Author(s): Graves, Karen
United States historians have documented queer purges in education as far back as the 1920s, but…

Lenin, Vladimir (1870–1924) and Education

(6,978 words)

Author(s): Suoranta, Juha | FitzSimmons, Robert
Keywordscapitalism – the capitalist elite – class struggle – communism – education – ideology – ideological maturity – ideological immaturity – V.I. Lenin – Maxim Gorky – political education – revolution – revol…

LGBQ Faculty (Postsecondary)

(1,971 words)

Author(s): Copeland, Olivia M. | Linley, Jodi L. | Nguyen, David J.
1 Overview In this entry, we discuss the climate for lgbq faculty in postsecondary education, followed by the unique experiences and issues of lgbq faculty in their work contexts of teaching, research, and service.…

LGBQ K-12 Teachers

(2,563 words)

Author(s): Blackburn, Mollie V. | Parker, Joselyn L.
1 The Rights of lgbq Teachers Within the United States, many strides have been made to protect the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (lgbtq+) community, including lgbq teachers. In 2020, the Supreme Cour…

LGBQ Postsecondary Students

(2,418 words)

Author(s): Renn, Kristen A.
lgbq students in postsecondary education are those college and university students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, or some other sexual orientation

LGBQ Teacher Induction

(1,761 words)

Author(s): Davis, Summer
1 What Is Teacher Induction Although learning to teach occurs in a variety of places and stages in a teacher’s career, the period of time between one’s teacher education program (tep) and the initial years of teaching is particula…

LGBTQ Education Research (Postsecondary)

(2,216 words)

Author(s): Renn, Kristen A.
Research on lgbtq+ issues in postsecondary education, or higher education, is a multi-disciplinary field that has grown substantially since the 1980s. Scholars approach…
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