Brill's Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education

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Series Editors: William M. Reynolds and Brad Porfilio

Comprising 2000 entries, Brill’s Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education is a fully searchable database presenting comprehensive and accurate portraits of the various disciplines related to critical thinking and understanding in Educational Research. What readers will encounter in this database is what the various fields are saying, and have been saying during their various histories. Designed to open up conversations among current established scholars and future, next generation scholars nationally and internationally, these complicated conversations further expand the various fields and lead to possibilities for praxis. Praxis emphasizes the increase of critical knowledge and understandings both for self-development and social reconstruction. There is a uniqueness in Critical Understanding in Education in the commitment to the focus on the historical development and comprehensive critical presentation of a particular discipline.

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(3,113 words)

Author(s): Schindler, Emily | Mueller, Amy
Keywordssocial construction – zone of proximal development Related EntriesAesthetics – Arts-Based Methods – Arts in English Language Arts – Collaborative Learning – Visual Arts in English Language Arts – Youth Making and makerspac…

Managerialism and Higher Education

(5,887 words)

Author(s): Puaca, Goran
Keywordshigher education – managerialism – administration – autonomy – professional identity – institutional logic – new public management – human resource management – academic capitalism – knowledge economy – Sweden 1 Introducti…

Marxism and Education: [Closed] and … Open …

(7,195 words)

Author(s): Rikowski, Glenn
Keywordsopen Marxism – open education – closed Marxism – closed education – student as producer – labour-power – Law of Labour – communism – communisation – capital – reductionism – structuralism – fu…

Marxism and Human Rights against Capitalism

(7,167 words)

Author(s): Hedlund, Daniel | Nilsson, Magnus
Keywordshuman rights – democracy – advocacy – welfare states – Marxism and law – civil society – human nature – citizenship – progress – Sweden – humanism – state – prostitution – sex work 1 Introduction This entry addresses Marxism and…

Marxism and Marxist Theories of Gender and Sexuality

(1,693 words)

Author(s): Emslie, Kit
Marxism is a broad term for the political and economic ideals espoused by Karl Marx (1818–1883), author, with Frederich Engels (1820–1885), of The Communist Manifesto (1848). While current ideologies such as communism and so…

Marxism and Whiteness

(2,213 words)

Author(s): Casey, Zachary A.
Related Entries: Capitalism; False Consciousness; Neoliberalism; Whiteness as Property … Marxism is an approach to political economy that stresses the conflict between social classes in capitalism as first arti…

Marxist Feminism and Education: Gender, Race, and Class

(5,477 words)

Author(s): Carpenter, Sara | Mojab, Shahrzad
KeywordsMarxism – feminism – anti-racism – dialectics – historical materialism – social relations – inter-constitution – intersectionality – social reproduction – exploitation – oppression – race – class – gender 1 Introduction The …

Mass Incarceration

(2,827 words)

Author(s): Graff, Gilda
Related Entries: Jim Crow; Lynching; Police Brutality; Reparations; School-to-Prison Pipeline … Michelle Alexander pointed out in a New York Times article on 11/11/18 that “astonishing progress has been made in the past…

Matrix of Intelligibility

(2,056 words)

Author(s): Hurlock, Kathleen Emily
1 Defining the Matrix The matrix of intelligibility refers to how identity becomes intelligible, or understandable and stable, when gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation align in a heteronormative and gender-stereoty…

McIntosh, Peggy

(3,276 words)

Author(s): Wilcox, Melanie M. | Franks, Danielle N. | Cody, Chelsea
Related Entries: First Wave Whiteness Studies; Privilege; White Supremacy … Inspiring a generation of scholars and a field of study, Dr. Peggy McIntosh (1988, 1989) published what would become world-renowned wo…