Brill's Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education

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Series Editors: William M. Reynolds and Brad Porfilio

Comprising 2000 entries, Brill’s Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education is a fully searchable database presenting comprehensive and accurate portraits of the various disciplines related to critical thinking and understanding in Educational Research. What readers will encounter in this database is what the various fields are saying, and have been saying during their various histories. Designed to open up conversations among current established scholars and future, next generation scholars nationally and internationally, these complicated conversations further expand the various fields and lead to possibilities for praxis. Praxis emphasizes the increase of critical knowledge and understandings both for self-development and social reconstruction. There is a uniqueness in Critical Understanding in Education in the commitment to the focus on the historical development and comprehensive critical presentation of a particular discipline.

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Unconscious: Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy and the Macrostructural Unconscious

(22,814 words)

Author(s): McLaren, Peter
Critical pedagogy currently exists today as precariously as a shabby lean-to room added to a typical American hall-and-parlor house. I’m referring to the type of house that formed the basic English pr…


(1,963 words)

Author(s): Reyna Rivarola, Alonso R. | Cisneros, Jesús
“Undocuqueer” has become an increasingly popular umbrella term used to describe individuals who identify as members of both the lgbtq+ and undocumented communities in the United States. The term was first strategically …

Unionism: Contemplating a Radical Social Movement Unionism for the Post-Janus US Labor Movement

(5,387 words)

Author(s): Gautreaux, Michelle
The beginning of 2018 has been marked by a show of teacher union militancy that appears to be growing and spreading throughout the United States. Back in February, teachers in West Virginia went on st…