Brill's Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education

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Series Editors: William M. Reynolds and Brad Porfilio

Comprising 2000 entries, Brill’s Encyclopedia of Critical Understanding in Education is a fully searchable database presenting comprehensive and accurate portraits of the various disciplines related to critical thinking and understanding in Educational Research. What readers will encounter in this database is what the various fields are saying, and have been saying during their various histories. Designed to open up conversations among current established scholars and future, next generation scholars nationally and internationally, these complicated conversations further expand the various fields and lead to possibilities for praxis. Praxis emphasizes the increase of critical knowledge and understandings both for self-development and social reconstruction. There is a uniqueness in Critical Understanding in Education in the commitment to the focus on the historical development and comprehensive critical presentation of a particular discipline.

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(3,341 words)

Author(s): McCanless, Michael
Related Entries: Probationary Whiteness; Roediger, David; Thandeka; White Supremacy; Whiteness and the Law … Whiteness is often understood as a fixed concept, defined by a series of cultural, biological, economic, …


(1,947 words)

Author(s): Jones, April M.
1 Exploring Inclusion Since the late 1980s, the conversation regarding “inclusion” has mainly focused on creating inclusive educational experiences for youth with disabilities (York, 1995). The concept m…

Integration of Schools

(3,137 words)

Author(s): Mattheis, Allison
Related Entries: Brown v. Board of Education; School Choice; Segregation of Schooling 1 Introduction The Supreme Court’s 1954 ruling in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas found that racially segregated schools violat…

Interest Convergence

(2,500 words)

Author(s): Collins II, Brian T. | Hayes, Cleveland
Related Entries: Critical Race Theory; White Supremacy; Whiteness as Property 1 Defining Interest Convergence Interest Convergence is the notion that progress towards equality for people of color will only come whe…


(1,136 words)

Author(s): Duran, Antonio
Intersectionality has quickly gained attention across educational disciplines as scholars are increasingly interested in naming how overlapping systems of oppression shape practice, policy, and resear…


(3,897 words)

Author(s): Duran, Antonio | Jones, Susan R.
Related Entries: Critical Race Theory; Feminism and Whiteness; Privilege … In 1989, Kimberlé Crenshaw introduced the framework of intersectionality to legal studies through her essay, Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race …

Intersectionality: Scaling Intersectional Praxes

(5,425 words)

Author(s): Martin, Gregory | Chang, Benjamin “Benji”
Keywordsactivism – bipoc communities – Black Lives Matter – social class – critical pedagogy – community organizing – ethnic studies – Paulo Freire – geography – Kimberlé Crenshaw – intersectionality – …


(620 words)

Author(s): Melchior, Shelly
Our societal and institutional structures have traditionally operated under the exclusive guise of the gender binary. This is the understanding that there are only two genders, presumably recognizable by the sexual …


(1,301 words)

Author(s): Casey, Zachary A.
Whiteness studies is a fraught and difficult interdisciplinary field of inquiry that focuses on the study of white racial identity in the context of white supremacy. Even this opening sentence might b…


(3,483 words)

Author(s): Machado-Casas, Margarita | Medina, Yolanda
This book examines the critical issues of Latinx education not only in the US but also across the globe. It does so by exposing theoretical and practical understandings by major figures in the field. Based on the latest United Nations…


(908 words)

Author(s): Strunk, Kamden K. | Shelton, Stephanie Anne
1 About the Volume This volume, we hope, fills a need in the fields of educational research and queer studies in education. While queer scholarship in education has proliferated in recent years, there was…


(3,020 words)

Author(s): Maisuria, Alpesh
1 A Personal Historical Contour of Marxism In the face of a dominant but floundering authoritarian neo-liberal capitalism, the last 20 years has seen a rejuvenated interest in Marxism as a resource of critiq…

Introduction from the Editors

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This collaborative project has been a labor of love and, as is characteristic of such endeavors, was filled with both passion and tension. When we embarked on this work, we were excited about the poss…