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The publications of the Centre for Studies and Research focus on some of the most topical and complex issues in international relations. Identified problems are studied from a broad global perspective by researchers from all over the world, combining, where appropriate, expertise in public and private international law.




  • International Inspections / Les inspections internationales by Anne-Laure Chaumette and Christian J. Tams (eds.).
    • Avec la collaboration de | With the contribution of: A. Abdou Hassan, A. Abedini, E. Cimiotta, E. Gassi Matago, E. Hennequet, A. Hofer, M. Lamour, B. Liu, L. Marotti, R. Maurel, E. Methymaki, S. J. Tolno, M. Wella, S. Zahoor Abassi
    • Printed edition: ISBN 978-90-04-52254-1
  • Extraterritoriality / L’extraterritorialité by Hannah L. Buxbaum and Thibaut Fleury Graff (eds.).
    • Avec la collaboration de | With the contribution of: S. Amraoui, B.K. Assogba, A. Bautista-Hernáez, N. Carme, A.C. Gallego-Hernández, N.G. Gueazang Nguepi, J. Harten, L. Leontiev, X. Liao, P.J. Lowé Gnintedem, M. Milanov, L. Mvé Ella, A. Ollino, A. Pato, M. Ravaloson, V. Stoica, M. Vučić and F.J. Yassine
    • Printed edition: ISBN 978-90-04-52253-4


  • Epidemics and International Law by Shinya Murase and Suzanne Zhou (eds.).
    • Avec la collaboration de | With the contribution of: S. Abdelkarim, A. Almeida Coutinho Souza, B. Arega Asmamaw, F. Arlettaz, M. E. J. P. V. Benosa, L. Bottini Filho, O. Bozhenko, M. A. Carrai, L. Chen, S. Davin, A. Facchinetti, R. F. Figueredo Corrales, A. C. Gallego Hernández, C. D. Gaver, I. A. Giménez, Y.-H. Huang, R. Istrefi, S. Karimi, G C. Lythgoe, Z. Maoli, M. Melillo, M. Mondélice, S. Murase, R. Oidtmann, C. I. Silberberg, A. Silva Oliveira, O. Spijkers, A. Van Duyn, J. Yepez, X. Zheng and S. Zhou
    • Printed edition: ISBN 978-90-04-50831-6












  • La sécurité alimentaire / Food Security and Food Safety by Mahiou, A., et/and F. Snyder (dir. publ./eds.)
    • Avec la collaboration de | With the contribution of: A. Afifi, W. Allam, Y. Bian, E. Brosset, W. Chen, M. K. Kamga, V. Lechevallier, E. Lopez-Almansa Beaus, S. Y. Kapko, J.-C. Martin, M. Matthee, K. Mechlem, C. Otero García-Castrillón, C. Pasquier, J. Ravaloson, B. Zerhdoud, R. Zhang.
    • Printed edition: ISBN 978-90-04-14543-6






  • La dette extérieure / The external debt by Carreau, Dominique and Shaw, Malcolm N.
    • Avec la collaboration de | With the contribution of: Mustafa Abdalla Abulgasem Abokshem, Francine Mcnulty Barber, Hassane Cissé, Florentino P. Feliciano, Loïc Grard, Edgar Nassar Guier, Vilaysoun Loungnarath Jr., Vicente Carrillo-Batalla Lucas, Milan J. N. Meetarbhan, Manuel Monteagudo, Rafael Zafra Espinosa De Los Monteros, Rafael A. Morales, Photini Pazartzis, August Reinisch, Eric Robert, H. H. R. Van Hamel.
    • Printed edition: ISBN 978-90-411-0083-2 (Hard-back) | ISBN 978-07-92-32249-8 (Soft-cover)