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General Editors: Peter-Tobias Stoll and Holger P. Hestermeyer

Commentaries on World Trade Law Online is a comprehensive, standard reference work on WTO Law. The Commentaries explain the provisions of the WTO Agreements article by article, setting out the interpretation of each article in the case law, in practice and in scholarly writing.

Building on the leading reference, Max Planck Commentaries on World Trade Law, this fully revised and updated second edition brings together the writings of  a team of more than 100 of the world’s leading scholars, practitioners and former members of the Appellate Body. The contents are extensively hyperlinked to source documents, cross-referenced and indexed.

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GATS Negotiating History

(13,488 words)

Author(s): Abel, Patrick
PATRICK ABEL   GENERAL AGREEMENT ON TRADE IN SERVICES (GATS) GATS Negotiating History A. Initiation of Negotiations on Trade in Services I. First Efforts to Start Negotiations on Trade in Services 1     Historically, the services industry was regarded to be economically less important than agriculture and the manufacturing industry, of being unproductive and only ancillary to the production of goods. It was also considered difficult to produce and evaluate data on the volume and economic role of services due to their intangible nature.1 It follows that until the 1970s, there was no c…