Commentaries on World Trade Law Online

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General Editors: Peter-Tobias Stoll and Holger P. Hestermeyer

Commentaries on World Trade Law Online is a comprehensive, standard reference work on WTO Law. The Commentaries explain the provisions of the WTO Agreements article by article, setting out the interpretation of each article in the case law, in practice and in scholarly writing.

Building on the leading reference, Max Planck Commentaries on World Trade Law, this fully revised and updated second edition brings together the writings of  a team of more than 100 of the world’s leading scholars, practitioners and former members of the Appellate Body. The contents are extensively hyperlinked to source documents, cross-referenced and indexed.

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List of Contributors

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Author(s): Wagner, Markus
   Adinolfi, Giovanna Professor of International Law, Department of International, Legal, Historical and Political Studies, University of Milan Articles XX (Introduction), XX (Chapeau) GATT    Arcuri, Alessandra Professor of Inclusive Global Law and Governance, Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam Preamble SPS    Azubuike, Smith I. Lecturer, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast Articles 12, 13 SPS    Bartels, Lorand Professor of International Law and Fellow of Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge Articles 13, 15 TBT    Churchman, Helen Principal Advise…

List of Contributors

(772 words)

Author(s): Abel, Patrick
   Abel, Patrick Assistant Professor, Chair for Constitutional and Administrative Law, European Law, European and International Economic Law, University of Passau GATS Negotiating History, Articles XXIV, XXVII GATS    Bast, Jürgen Professor of Public Law and European Law, Faculty of Law, Justus Liebig University Gießen, Speaker of the Research Group “Human Rights Discourse in Migration Societies (MeDiMi)” Article Vbis GATS, Annex on Movement of Natural Persons Supplying Services; Under the Agreement, Third Protocol to the GATS    Burri, Mira Professor of International Eco…

List of Contributors

(752 words)

Author(s): Wanner, Laura Luise
   Azaria, Danae Associate Professor, Faculty of Laws, University College London (UCL); Principal Investigator, ERC Project “State Silence” Article 2 DSU    Baroncini, Elisa Full Professor of International Law, Department of Legal Sciences, Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna Articles 4, 25 DSU    Boklan, Daria Professor of Public and Private International Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow Article X WTO Agreement    Castellarin, Emanuel Professor of Public International Law and EU Law, University of Strasbourg TPRM    Celli Jr., Umb…