Der Neue Pauly Supplemente I Online - Band 3: Historischer Atlas der antiken Welt

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Covering the 3rd millennium BC until the 15th century AD, this new atlas of the ancient world illustrates the political, economic, social and cultural developments in the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean world, the Byzantine Empire, the Islamic world and the Holy Roman Empire. The atlas has 170 large color maps that document the main historical developments. Each map is accompanied by a text that outlines the main historical developments. These texts include bibliographies and 65 additional maps, tables and stemmata that provide further elucidation.


Nachweis der Autoren und Rechte

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Wenn nicht anders angegeben, sind Karten- und Kommentarautor identisch. S. 2: A. Fuchs nach: W. Horowitz, Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography, 1998 S. 3, Karte A: R. Müller-Wollermann S. 3, Karte B: A. Fuchs S. 4, Karte A: E. Olshausen nach J.O. Thomson, History of Ancient Geography, 1948, Fig. 11 S. 5, Karte B: E. Olshausen nach E.H. Bunbury, A History of Ancient Geography 1, 1879, Tab. III, S.172 f. S. 5, Karte C: E. Olshausen nach K. Miller, Mappae Mundi. Die ältesten Weltkarten 6, 1898,Tab. VIII 1 S. 5, Karte D: E. Olshausen nach H. Kiepert, Atlas Antiquus, 121903, Taf. 1 Nebenkarte S. 8 f.: E. O…