Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible Online

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Edited by: Karel van der Toorn, Bob Becking and Pieter W. van der Horst

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The Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible Online contains academic articles on the named gods, angels, and demons in the books of the Hebrew Bible, Septuagint and Apocrypha, as well as the New Testament and patristic literature. This online version contains the second extensively revised edition.

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Ibis Ἶβις

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Author(s): R. L. Vos
I. Name The Ibis was considered to be the visible manifestation of the Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth. The ibis occurs in the Bible in the LXX versions of Deut. 14.16 and Isa. 34.11 as rendering of MT ינשׁוף, vocalised yanšûp, presumably a kind of long-eared owl (?). Whenever the opportunity presented itself, the LXX translators polemised against Egyptian cults (compare their polemics against the cult of Apis in Jer. 46.15). Here they equated the ibis with the owl which in Deut. 14.16 and Lev. 11.17 appears in lists of unclean birds (Becher 1967:379–380; Morenz 1964:253–254; Görg 1978:177–…

Id אד

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Author(s): P. K. McCarter
I. Name According to Gen. 2.6, the primordial world was watered by a ‘flood’ ( ʾēd) that arose from the earth prior to the advent of rainfall. It is probable that Hebr ʾēd was borrowed from Akk. id, ‘Id’, which occurs in cuneiform sources (usually written díd) as a name for the river as a deity, especially in connection with the river ordeal, a juridical process by which an accused person was tried by being thrown into the river ( CAD I/J. [1960] 8; AHW 364). Akkadian id was derived from the Sumerian name for the river god, who was believed to officiate over the ordeal. The comm…


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