Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible Online

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Edited by: Karel van der Toorn, Bob Becking and Pieter W. van der Horst

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The Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible Online contains academic articles on the named gods, angels, and demons in the books of the Hebrew Bible, Septuagint and Apocrypha, as well as the New Testament and patristic literature. This online version contains the second extensively revised edition.

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Koshar כשׁר

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Author(s): D. Pardee
I. Name The deity Kotharu (/kôṯaru/ < /kawṯaru/) appears in Ugaritic as an independent deity, and as part of the binomial kṯr w ḫss, ‘skillful and cunning’, of which the regular parallel is hyn d ḥrš ydm (lit. ‘the deft one who is a worker with his hands’). The meanings of the name and the associated epithets are in keeping with Kotharu’s function as craftsman deity. It has been proposed that this deity, under the form of Koshar, is alluded to in Ezek. 3.27 and Prov. 31.19. His name may occur, moreover, as an element in the name Cushan-Rishathaim ( Judg. 3.8, Judg. 10). II. Identity In the Ug…

Kosharoth כשׁרות

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Author(s): D. Pardee
I. Name The kôṯarātu, apparently ‘the (female) skillful ones’, appear in Ugaritic mythological texts in passages dealing with human conception and in the ‘pantheon’ texts as the equivalent of Mesopotamian mother-goddesses. A biblical reference to these goddesses has been proposed in Ps. 68.7 (e.g. W. F. Albright, Yahweh and the Gods of Canaan [London 1968] 119). II. Identity The plural form kṯrt appears in the Aqhat legend ( KTU 1.17) and in the Marriage of Nikkal text ( KTU 1.24) in contexts associated with marriage and conception: and in poetic parallelism with bnt hll snnt. From t…


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