Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible Online

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Edited by: Karel van der Toorn, Bob Becking and Pieter W. van der Horst

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The Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible Online contains academic articles on the named gods, angels, and demons in the books of the Hebrew Bible, Septuagint and Apocrypha, as well as the New Testament and patristic literature. This online version contains the second extensively revised edition.

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Uriel אוריאל

(765 words)

Author(s): M. Mach
I. Name The name appears in the OT as a personal name: 1 Chr. 6.9; 1 Chr. 15.5, 1 Chr. 11; 2 Chr. 13.2. In 4 Ezra, an angel of this name is mentioned as angelus interpres. The etymology depends upon the decision whether the root is Hebrew (light) or Aramaic (fire). T. Abr. A 13:11 knows an angel Purouel who has power over the fire (πὐρ). It is tempting to identify him with Uriel. II. Identity Among the four archangels (e.g. Gk. Apoc. Ezra 6:2; Mass. Hekalot, A. Jellinek, Bet ha-Midrasch II [Leipzig 1853] 43–44) Uriel is replaced by Phanuel in the book of similitudes ( 1 Enoch 37–71), though in genera…