Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker Part I-III

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Edited by: Felix Jacoby

The monumental series Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker contains the critical edition of 856 Greek historians whose work is preserved incompletely, i.e. in fragments. Felix Jacoby collected these fragments and edited them, adding biographical testimonies and extensive commentaries on many of them.

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Fabius Ceryllianus (217)

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Author(s): Jacoby, Felix
  FGrH 217 F 1BNJ Script. Hist. Aug. XXX 4: Cari patria sic ambigue a plerisque proditur, ut prae summa varietate dicere nequeam, quae illa vera sit. (2) Onesi- mus (216 F 3) enim, qui diligentissime vitam Probi scripsit, Romae illum et natum et eruditum, sed Illyricianis parentibus fuisse contendit. (3) sed Fabius1 Ceryllianus, qui tempora Cari, Carini et Numeriani sollertissime persecutus est, neque Romae sed in Illyrico genitum, neque Pannoniis sed Poenis parentibus adserit natum. Notes^ back to text1. favius P1Jacoby, Felix (Berlin)

Felix Jacoby (biografie_jacoby)

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Author(s): Chambers, Mortimer
Introduction Felix Jacoby (1876-1959) edited, over many years, the fragments of the Greek historians who are not preserved complete: that is, quotations from their works in other writers. In his multi-volume work, Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker (for which he requested the abbreviation FGrHist) he created one of the stupendous research sources in the field of ancient history. The work outlived two world wars, Jacoby's forced retirement from his chair at the University of Kiel, his exile from his native land, his return t…