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Encyclopaedia Islamica Online is based on the abridged and edited translation of the Persian Dāʾirat al-Maʿārif-i Buzurg-i Islāmī, one of the most comprehensive sources on Islam and the Muslim world. A unique feature of the Encyclopaedia Islamica Online lies in the attention given to Shiʿi Islam and its rich and diverse heritage. In addition to providing entries on important themes, subjects and personages in Islam generally, Encyclopaedia Islamica Online offers the Western reader an opportunity to appreciate the various dimensions of Shiʿi Islam, the Persian contribution to Islamic civilization, and the spiritual dimensions of the Islamic tradition.

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Author(s): Faramarz Haj Manouchehri | Stephen Hirtenstein
Eve (in Islam), the name of the first woman, the wife of Adam (Ādam, q.v.), and the maternal progenitor of humankind, who is referred to in the Islamic tradition as Ḥawwāʾ. Eve in the Qurʾān and its Exegetical Tradition In the Qurʾān, no specific name is used for the wife of Adam, and she is merely referred to as Adam’s ‘pair’ ( zawj). The post-Qurʾānic usage of the name Ḥawwā for the spouse of the first human (see Ibn Saʿd, 1/16) is taken from the Classical Hebrew name that appears in the Book of Genesis (3:20). The name has been linked to the Semitic word ḥayy (‘alive/living’), suggesting that Ḥa…
Date: 2018-09-19

Evil eye

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Author(s): Ali A. Bulookbashi
Evil eye ( chashm-zakhm, ʿayn, naẓar), harm which, according to popular belief, is caused by admiring or envious looks or praise directed at a person, animal, plant, or other object by  friends, acquaintances or enemies. It is popularly believed that many deaths, ailments, and other natural events, such as trees failing to bear fruit or the drying up of milk in human beings or in cattle, are caused by the evil eye. Since ancient times, belief in the evil eye has been widespread in religious and folk …
Date: 2018-09-19