Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition, Glossary and Index of Terms

Get access Subject: Middle East And Islamic Studies
Edited by: P.J. Bearman, Th. Bianquis, C.E. Bosworth, E. van Donzel and W.P. Heinrichs
Assisted by C. Ott, under the patronage of the International Union of Acadamies

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Glossary and Index of Terms treats the technical terms in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu and other languages or dialects of the Islamic world. As an index, it is of immeasurable importance, in particular for the many terms which are not given an entry but are discussed in the course of an article; and as glossary it is an invaluable source of information for both non-specialist, who is given an insight into the varied and rich vocabulary of Islam, and the specialist, who may discover surprising new contexts in which a term is used.

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(31 words)

ʾ (A) : the tenth letter of the Arabic alphabet, transcribed as r, with the numerical value 200. It is defined…


(23 words)

raʿāʿ (A) : a mob, thieves, one of the numerous terms in the mediaeval and modern periods for ‘rasca…


(12 words)

raʿʿād (A) : in zoology, the electric ray ναρκε. Mag̲h̲nāṭīs


(62 words)

rabʿ (A, pl. ribāʿ) : home, domicile, home town or home country; in Cairene architecture, ~ designates …


(17 words)

rabāʿ (A) : a name for a foal between three and four years old. Faras


(32 words)

rabāʿa (A), or magʿad al-rid̲j̲āl : the compartment in a Bedouin tent reserved for receiving menfolk. In…


(63 words)

rabāb (A) : in music, the generic name for the viol, or any stringed instrument played with a bow. R…


(74 words)

rabaḍ (A, pl. arbāḍ) : district or quarter of a town situated outside the central part. This term lies …


(161 words)

rabb (A, pl. arbāb) : lord, God, master of a slave. Pre-Islamic Arabia probably applied this term to it…


(71 words)

rabīʿ (A) : the name of the third and fourth months of the Muslim calendar. Originally, ~ means the …


(24 words)

rābiʿ (A), or sayyid al-mirbāʿ : a designation for tribal chief (from the chief’s entitlement to a quart…


(126 words)

rābiṭa (A, > Sp rábida ‘monastery’) : ‘bond’; in mysticism, ~ originally meant the relationship of a mur…


(32 words)

rabṭ (A) : in medicine, ligature (of veins). D̲j̲āriya b. Ḳudāma rabṭa (A) : in wome…


(41 words)

raḍāʿ (A), riḍāʿ or raḍāʿa : suckling; in law, the suckling which produces the legal impediment to marri…


(97 words)

radd (A) : ‘return’; in literature, a response to an adversary, intended to refute his statements or…


(28 words)

rad̲h̲ī (A) : in numismatics, bad, corrupt (coin), with bāṭil ‘false, unsound, currency cancelled or withdraw…
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