Brill’s Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World

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Edited by: Philip Ford (†), Jan Bloemendal and Charles Fantazzi

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With its striking range and penetrating depth, Brill’s Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World traces the enduring history and wide-ranging cultural influence of Neo-Latin, the form of Latin that originated in the Italian Renaissance and persists to the modern era. Featuring original contributions by a host of distinguished international scholars, this comprehensive reference work explores every aspect of the civilized world from literature and law to philosophy and the sciences.


Translation and Neo-Latin

(8,051 words)

Author(s): Hosington, Brenda M.
¶ Translation has always been a vehicle for the transmission of knowledge and the exchange of cultural and spiritual values between communities. Its importance across the centuries and throughout the w…

Translation as a Source for Neologisms

(1,530 words)

Author(s): Pade, Marianne
¶ A translator must first see to it that he has a profound knowledge of the language from which he translates. This he can only achieve by long, varied, and diligent reading of writers in all genres. F…