Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics

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The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Online comprehensively covers all aspects of Arabic languages and linguistics. It is interdisciplinary in scope and represents different schools and approaches in order to be as objective and versatile as possible. The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Online is cross-searchable and cross-referenced, and is equipped with a browsable index. All relevant fields in Arabic linguistics, both general and language specific are covered and the Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Online includes topics from interdisciplinary fields, such as anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and computer science.

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Author(s): Mustafa A. Shah
The qirāʾāt (sg. qirāʾa) represent the vast corpus of Qurʾānic readings that are traditionally linked to the textual transmission and recitation of Islam's sacred book. It is to the skeletal text ( rasm) of the Qurʾān that all of these readings are ultimately bound, reflecting subtle variations in the linguistic features of the text. The nature of variance among these readings ranges from differences and distinctions which occur at the morphosyntactic and morphophonological levels of the Qurʾānic text and are seemingly of an infi…
Date: 2018-04-01


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Author(s): Miklós Maróth
Qiyās is the term used for an argument that relies on the similarity between two things. It is a generally accepted opinion in Islam that the use of qiyās can be derived from the Qurʾān and the Ḥadīt̲ (al-ʿUmarī 1987:19–53), although the word itself is not found in them. It has been demonstrated elsewhere (Lloyd 1966) that the observation of similarity is a starting point of the most elementary epistemological procedures in all cultures. In Classical antiquity, it is well attested, starting from Homer in the prephilosophical age ri…
Date: 2018-04-01