Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics

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The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Online comprehensively covers all aspects of Arabic languages and linguistics. It is interdisciplinary in scope and represents different schools and approaches in order to be as objective and versatile as possible. The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Online is cross-searchable and cross-referenced, and is equipped with a browsable index. All relevant fields in Arabic linguistics, both general and language specific are covered and the Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Online includes topics from interdisciplinary fields, such as anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and computer science.

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Author(s): Alain Désoulierès
1. Historical background and definitions The linguistic label ‘Hindustani’ refers both to what is now known as Hindi and to what is known as Urdu, or, rather, to their recent common linguistic history. After 1858, this label, frequently used by colonial British authorities, came to refer to the North Indian common language that was to replace Persian for lower administration purposes, in addition to its already established use in the British colonial army. Indian Persian itself was an administrative and courtly language that had borrowed intensely fr…
Date: 2018-04-01

U (ʿUbāda, ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ - Uzunoğlu, M. Vecih)

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ʿUbāda, ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ Language Academies ʿUbāda, Muḥammad ʾIbrāhīm Qurʾān ʾUbayy ibn Kaʿb Qirāʾāt Üçgüllük Antiochia Arabic Üçırmak Antiochia Arabic u-coloring environment Iraq Udovitch, Avraham Latin Loanwords ʿuḏrī Šiʿr ʿudūl ʿan al-ʾaṣl Qurʾān Uganda Creole Arabic, East Africa, Ki-Nubi, Pidginization, Swahili Uganda Muslim University East Africa Uganda Supreme Islamic Council East Africa Ugaritic Afro-Asiatic Languages, ʿArab, Asseverative Particle, Cypriot Maronite Arabic, Diptosis, Energicus, Etymology, Mimation, Northwest Semitic Language…
Date: 2018-04-01