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Author(s): Kindermann, Gottfried-Karl
Korea, which borders on China in the northeast, has adopted more Chinese cultural contents than other states in the East Asian cultural region, despite its marked development of autochthonic cultural elements. According to historical myths, a Korean state that later came to be called the Old Joseon kingdom (Chinese: Chaoxian) was supposedly founded in 2333 BCE in the Manchurian-Korean border region by a ruler named Dan-gun. The annals of the Chinese Han dynasty historian Sima Qian report that ar…

Korean War of 1950-53

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Author(s): Kindermann, Gottfried-Karl
Only one year after its foundation, the PRC entered into an mutually undeclared, informal war with the USA, South Korea, and the United Nations (UN) in Korea. After Japan's capitulation in 1945, the Korean territory north of the 38th parallel had been occupied by Soviet forces, and the south by American troops. In 1947, the contradictions between the USA and the USSR ruled out inter-allied trusteeship, which had originally been envisaged for the administration of Korea; and the USA decided to tr…