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Road Traffic

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Author(s): Comtois, Claude
In China, road traffic is essentially an urban phenomenon. One of the major problems of the road traffic system is the growing demand for urban passenger transport. This is a result of both population growth and the rising standard of living. But urban construction has an effect on passenger traffic as well. According to the People's Republic's plans for land use, apartments, shops, schools, and workplaces are all in walking or bicycling distance of each other. Because of this density and compac…


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Author(s): Dittmer, Lowell
1. Relations before 1949 The relationship between these two vast empires astride the Eurasian heartland has historically been rivalrous, despite certain superficial similarities in size and political-economic structure. The Mongol Golden Horde invaded Russia in the 13th century, burning Moscow and taking Kiev, and they continued to collect tribute for the next 200 years, leaving an historical legacy of dread. Russia would lag China developmentally for the next several centuries, with a population th…