Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics

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Editor-in-Chief: Rint SYBESMA, Leiden University

Associate Editors: Wolfgang BEHR University of Zürich, Yueguo GU Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Zev HANDEL University of Washington, C.-T. James HUANG Harvard University and James MYERS National Chung Cheng University

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The Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics offers a systematic and comprehensive overview of the languages of China and the different ways in which they are and have been studied. It provides authoritative treatment of all important aspects of the languages spoken in China, today and in the past, from many different angles, as well as the different linguistic traditions they have been investigated in.

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G (index)

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Gabelentz, Georg von der (1840–1893): Chinese Linguistics in the German Speaking World | Grammaticalization and Lexicalization | Tonal Notation, Premodern | Tung T’ung-ho [Dǒng Tónghé] 董同龢 (1911–1963) | Unger, Ulrich (1930–1998) gǎikǒu 改口: Terms of Address, Modern gairaigo 外来語: Chinese and Japanese Gaku kanwa 學官話 (Learn Guānhuà): Chinese in the Ryūkyū Islands Gàn 贛: Apical Vowels | Dialect and Language Atlases of China | Dialect Classification | Dialect Diversification, Major Trends | Dialect Geography (Geolinguistics) | Dialects, Premodern | Gàn …

Glides, Phonological Status

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Author(s): Chris Wen-chao LI
The status of the medial onglides (also known as prenuclear or prevocalic glides), i.e., [j], [w] and [ɥ], within the Mandarin syllable has been debated fervently over the past century. Evidence has been applied from phonotactic constraints, morphophonemic processes, poetic alliteration and rhyme, reduplicative language games, and speech errors to argue for competing proposals, which include the grouping of the medial glide with the rime, the placement of the medial glide within the onset, treat…
Date: 2017-03-02