Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World

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The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online (EJIW) is the first cohesive and discreet reference work which covers the Jews of Muslim lands particularly in the late medieval, early modern and modern periods. The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online is updated with newly commissioned articles, illustrations, multimedia, and primary source material. 

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Cycle of the Jewish Year in Iran

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Author(s): Esther Shkalim
The holiday customs of the Jews of Iran derive from the tenets of Jewish law and ancient Jewish practices, local Muslim traditions, and the influence of other Jewish communities. As long as the Jews of Iran prayed according to their own rites, the preservation of their ancient traditions was possible. From the end of the eighteenth century, printed Sephardic prayerbooks were widely distributed in Iran, and Sephardic customs began to replace local customs.1. Shabbat (Sabbath)Shabbat has always been the apex of the week for Iranian as for all observant Jews. It is a hol…


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Author(s): Onur Yildirim
Cyprus (Ar. Qubrus; Trk. Kıbrıs) is an island in the eastern Mediterranean about 90 kilometers (56 miles) off the southern coast of Turkey and 180 kilometers (112 miles) west of Syria. There have been Jewish settlements in Cyprus, sometimes of considerable size, since the Hellenistic period, and there was a sizeable Jewish community in FFamagusta in the early seventh century. Benjamin of Tudela (twelfth century), Obadiah da Bertinoro (fifteenth century), Moses Basola (sixteenth century), and other early travelers all mention the Jewish community.  Benjamin notes t…


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Author(s): Norman A. Stillman
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