Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World

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The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online (EJIW) is the first cohesive and discreet reference work which covers the Jews of Muslim lands particularly in the late medieval, early modern and modern periods. The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online is updated with newly commissioned articles, illustrations, multimedia, and primary source material. 

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J (Jerusalem - jewelry: amulets)

(1,307 words)

Jerusalem  anti-Jewish violence in, by Crusaders, Palestine, Palestine British consultate in, Protégés Byzantine rule of, Palestine Christians in   efforts to expel Jews from, Palestine  missionary activities of, Christian Missionaries and Missionary Schools   schools, Christian Missionaries and Missionary Schools churches in, Christian Missionaries and Missionary Schools conservatory in, Arabic music department of, Aharon, Ezra Crusader conquest and kingdom of, Palestine, Palestine, Palestine, Palestine  European settlers, Palestine  First Kingdom,…

J (Jewish Agency - jizya/kharāj tax (poll tax): in Yemen)

(974 words)

Jewish Agency, Tripoli, Libya, Mesopotamian Zionist Committee (Baghdad), Yefren in Libya, preparing emigration of Jews, Libya in Morocco   organizing clandestine emigration to Israel, Pisces Affair  selective immigration policy, Seleqṣeya in Tehran, Zionism Among Sephardi/Mizraḥi Jewry, Zionism Among Sephardi/Mizraḥi Jewry in Thrace, Edirne (Adrianople) Jewish Chronicle (London), Maleḥ, JacquesJewish Colonization Association (JCA), Cyprus, Pariente, Shemtob in Buenos Aires, Lévy, Messody Coriat  schools of, Levy, Samuel-Daniel chief inspectors of, Ni…

J (J.L. Menasce et fils - Judaic studies: in United States)

(1,512 words)

J.L. Menasce et fils, Menasce FamilyJoab ben Zeruiah, Ṣafra Synagogue (Aleppo), al-Joan (John) I (king), ValenciaJoão II (king of Portugal), Ibn Yaḥya, David ben Solomon, Ibn Yaḥya, Jacob Tam ben David, Usque, SamuelJoão III (king of Portugal), Arzila (Aṣīla), Azemmour (Azammūr, Azamor), Ben Yaʿesh (also Ibn Yaʿish or Abenæs), Solomon, Ben Zamirro (Zamerro) FamilyJob (Bible book)  commentaries on, Ibn Chiquitilla, Moses ben Samuel ha-Kohen, Bible Exegesis, Najara, Israel ben Moses story of, Bereshit-nāma ('The Book of Genesis')Johannes Damascenus, Interfaith RelationsJoh…

J (J M Cattaoui Figli et Compagnie - Jerrada (Morocco): Jewish community in)

(1,155 words)

J M Cattaoui Figli et Compagnie, Cattaoui FamilyJ N Mosseri Fils et Compagnie, Mosseri Family jabadūr (short coat), Clothing, Jewelry and Make-upJābān seeBustanayJabani, A.K.E., Someck, RonnyJabès, Edmond, Derrida, Jacques, Jabès, EdmondJabez, Joseph, Edirne (Adrianople)Jabez (Yaveṣ), Solomon and Joseph, Edirne (Adrianople), Printing and Printers, Printing and Printers, Printing and Printers, Printing and Printers jabīla (excise duties on foodstuffs), TaxationJabotinsky, Ze’ev (Vladimir), Balkans, Club des Intimes, Salonica, La Nation (Salonica), L’Au…

J (Judaism - al-Jūzjānī, Minhāj al-Dīn ‘Abu Amr)

(1,897 words)

Judaism  Aaronic priesthood and Davidic monarchy in, Daniel ben Azariah adopted by rulers of Ḥimyar kingdom (Yemen), Yemen and Bahaism, Mysticism/Sufism (Iran) beliefs in continuing lineage of prophets, Messianism charity in, Charity, Charitable Institutions and Societies in the Medieval Period and Christianity   Christian missionary activities, Christian Missionaries and Missionary Schools  Christian practices in, Ashkenazi, David commemoration of miracles in, Cairene Purim, the conversion to   of Berbers, Oran, Berber Jews  of Christians, Al-Andalus  of …