Encyclopedia of Law and Religion

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Edited by: Gerhard Robbers and W. Cole Durham

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In recent years, issues of freedom of religion or belief and state-religion relations have become increasingly important worldwide. The Encyclopedia of Law and Religion, unique in its breadth and global coverage, provides an important foundational resource for study of these issues. The encyclopedia covers the relation between law and religion in its various aspects, including those related to the role of religion in society, the relations between religion and state institutions, freedom of religion, legal aspects of religious traditions, the interaction between law and religion, and other issues at the junction of law, religion, and state.

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Author(s): Charles Ladbrooke and Others
I. Social Facts  Iceland is an island of 103,000 sq. km in the northern Atlantic Ocean, with a population of approximately 330,000. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland is the state church and receives special protection and support from the government. There are 21 registered religious organizations in Iceland and several others that have not applied for registration. The largest religious group is the Church of Iceland, which accounts for between 74% and 85% of the population. Other denominations include Roman Catholicism (3.6%…