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General Editor: Seokwoo Lee

Incorporating the work of numerous leading scholars, the Encyclopedia of Public International Law in Asia Online provides a detailed description of the practice and implementation of international law in various Asian states. The Encyclopedia covers the introduction of Western international law and the resulting shift from the older Asian order; the development of modern international law; and the impact that all of this has had on Asian states. Each jurisdiction included in the Encyclopedia follows a standard structure for the broadest comparative advantage and starts with a Country Snapshot (Date of Independence, Date of Admission to the United Nations, Geographical Size, Population, Demographic Information, Form of Government, System of Law), followed by a State Report Overview (Executive summary of state report, Key highlights of unique state practice).

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Contributors | Bangladesh

(452 words)

Contributors   Sections Dr Kamal Hossain   2.1 Former Minister of Law and Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh, Former member of the UN Compensation Commission, Former UN Special Rapporteur for Afghanistan Dr Muhammad Ekramul Haque   1.1–1.2; 2.3; 3.1; 6.1–6.3; 7.1–7.2; 15.8–15.9; 17.1; 17.6–17.8 Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Dr Muhammad Rafiqul Islam   19.1–19.2; 20.1–20.2 Professor of Law, Macquarie University, Australia Dr Sumaiya Khair   17.4 Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Dr Borhan Uddin Khan   18.1–18.2 P…

Contributors | Central Asia

(50 words)

Contributors   Sections Rustam Atadjanov   9.4; 17.1; 18.1–18.2; 19.3 Assistant Professor, KIMEP University Miras Daulenov   1.1; 9.3; 7.1; 13.1–13.2 President, Narxoz University Sergey Sayapin   9.1–9.2; 9.5; 14.1; 15.1; 19.2; 19.4 Associate Professor and Associate Dean, School of Law, KIMEP University Zhyldyz Tegizbekova   13.3; 16.1; 17.2; 19.1 Associate Professor, Ala-Too International University

Contributors | China

(154 words)

Contributors    Sections Bao Yinan   4.1 Associate Professor, East China University of Politics and Law Cai Congyan   9.1–9.5 Professor of Public International Law, “Fudan” University School of Law Asiana Cooper   15.5.1; 15.5.4; 15.6.3; 15.10 M.A. Candidate, John-Hopkins University Matt Geraci   15.5.1; 15.5.3; 15.6.2; 15.7.1; 15.8 Research Associate, Institute for China-America Studies (US) Nong Hong   15.1–15.4; 15.6.1; 15.7.2; 15.11–15.12 Executive-Director, Institute for China-America Studies ( US) Amanda Yue Jin   7.1–7.6; 15.5.2–15.5.3; 15.5.5; 1…

Contributors | India

(326 words)

Contributors   Sections Pushkar Anand   8.1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India Ansari Salamah   4.1; 4.3 Faculty Fellow, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India Leeladhara M. Bhandar   17.9 Associate, Primarc Solicitors, London, UK Srinivas Burra   18.1–18.2; 19.1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Legal Studies, South Asian University, New Delhi Benarji Chakka   16.1–16.3 Professor and Dean, VIT-AP School of Law, Andhra Pradesh Ajey Lele   16.4 Fellow, Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Strategic Analy…

Contributors | Indonesia

(170 words)

Contributors   Sections Arie Afriansyah   3.3 Associate Professor, Universitas Indonesia Saru Arifin   2.2; 3.2 Assistant Professor, Universitas Negeri Semarang Yetty Komalasari Dewi   13.2 Associate Professor, Universitas Indonesia Ariawan Gunadi   13.1 Assistant Professor, Universitas Tarumanegara Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto   8.1 Assistant Professor, Universitas Islam Indonesia Hikmahanto Juwana   1.1 Professor, Universitas Indonesia Adi Kusumaningrum   16.1; 16.2 Assistant Professor, Universitas Brawijaya Birkah Latif   14.3 Assistant Profe…

Contributors | Iran

(279 words)

Contributors   Sections Mohsen Abdollahi   20.1–20.3 Associate Professor, Faculty of Law Shahid Beheshti University Pouria Askari   17.1–17.5; 18.1–18.4 Associate Professor, Faculty of Law & Political Sciences Allameh Tabataba’i University Tahmoores Bashiriyeh   19.1–19.6 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law & Political Sciences Allameh Tabataba’i University Mahdad Fallah Assadi   13.5–13.6 Legal Adviser Centre for International Legal Affairs of Iran Masoud Faryadi   14.1–14.2 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law & Political Sciences University of Mazandar…

Contributors | Japan

(266 words)

Contributors   Sections Tatsuya Abe   20.1; 20.5–20.6 Professor, School of International Politics, Economics and Communica-tion, Aoyama Gakuin University Setsuko Aoki   16.3–16.4 Professor, Keio University Law School, Keio University Kyo Arai   22.1–22.5 Professor, Faculty of Law, Doshisha University Hiroyuki Banzai   5.1–5.3 Professor, Faculty of Law, Waseda University Iwao Fujisawa   2.1–2.5 Professor, Faculty of Law, Politics and Economics, Chiba Universi-ty Tomoko Fukamachi   3.2–3.4 Professor, International College of Arts and Sciences, Fukuo…

Contributors | Korea

(157 words)

Contributors    Sections Buhm-Suk Baek   2.2.7–2.2.11 College of International Studies, Kyung Hee University, Korea Daesong Hyun   3.2.2–3.2.5; 3.2.13 Korea Maritime Institute ( KMI), Korea Sung-Won Kim   1.3.1–1.3.5 Wonkwang University Law School, Korea Changyoul Lee   15.1.1–15.1.2; 15.2.1; 15.3.1; 15.4.1 Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology ( KIOST), Korea Jae Woon Lee   16.1.1; 16.2.1; 16.3.1–16.3.3 Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Jootaek Lee   19.1.1–19.1.3; 19.2.1 Rutgers Law School ( Newark), US Seokwoo Lee   1.1.1–1…

Contributors | Malaysia

(271 words)

Contributors   Sections Zulazhar Tahir   2.1–2.2 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law University of Malaya Dato’ Johan Shamsuddin Sabaruddin   2.1–2.2 Dean, Faculty of Law University of Malaya Nurhalida Mohamed Khalil   4.1; 8.1; 18.1–18.2 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law University of Malaya Datuk Shad Saleem Faruqi   6.1–6.3; 17.1, 17.2.1–17.2.2 Emeritus Professor, Holder Tunku Abdul Rahman Chair Faculty of Law, University of Malaya Tun Hussein Chair, Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Malaysia. Usharani Balasingam   6.1–6.3; 17.1, 17.2.1–17.2.2 Senio…

Contributors | Mongolia

(66 words)

Contributors   Sections Baasankhuu Ganbaatar   1.1 Senior Lecturer, SIRPA National University of Mongolia Battogtokh Javzandolgor   17.1–17.19 Assistant Professor, SIRPA National University of Mongolia Bekhbat Khasbazar   2.1; 9.1; 11.1–11.2 Former Ambassador Darijav Tsevegjav   19.1–19.2 Attorney Enkhsaikhan Jargalsaikhan   1.2; 15.1; 20.1 Former Ambassador Oyunsuren Damdinsuren   14.1–14.4 Senior Lecturer, SIRPA National University of Mongolia Oyumaa Volodya   7.1–7.3 Professor, School of Law National University of Mongolia Sosorbaram Byambasure…

Contributors | Philippines

(473 words)

Contributors   Sections Romel Regalado Bagares   2.6; 5.1; 10.1, 10.2; 15.8 Professorial Lecturer Lyceum of the Philippines University College of Law Emerson Bañez   2.7, 2.8; 7.3; 16.1–16.3; 18.1 Assistant Professor, College of Law University of the Philippines Maria Emilynda Jeddahlyn Pia V. Benosa   1.6; 3.2, 3.4; 12.2, 12.3; 15.1–15.7; 18.1–18.3 Senior Lecturer, College of Law Legal Officer, Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea University of the Philippines Mikaela V. Bernardino   2.5 Juris Doctor Candidate, College of Law University of the Philippines An…

Contributors | Singapore

(152 words)

Contributors   Sections Eric Bea   14.1–14.10 Researcher, Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law National University of Singapore Jeffrey Chan Wah Teck   18.1–18.3 Senior Director, TSMP Law Corporation Mary-Elisabeth Chong   12.1–12.4 State Counsel, Attorney-General’s Chambers, Singapore Tara Davenport   15.1–15.7 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law National University of Singapore Gerardine Goh Escolar   16.1–16.6 First Secretary, Hague Conference on Private International Law Yvonne Guo & Wong Li Ru   8.1–8.6 State Counsel & Deputy Senior State Co…

Contributors | Sri Lanka

(211 words)

Contributors   Sections Wasantha Seneviratne   1.1; 1.2; 2.1; 2.2; 6.1–6.4 Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo Nishara Mendis   1.3; 1.4; 3.4; 7.1–7.6; 12.3; 15.1–15.6 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo Naazima Kamardeen   13.1–13.7 Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo Kokila Konasinghe   10.1–10.2; 14.1–14.3 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo Darshana Sumanadasa   9.1; 9.3.1; 9.4; 9.5 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo Dilini Pathirana   13.8 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law…

Contributors | Taiwan

(172 words)

Contributors   Sections Chen-Ju Chen   1.1; 7.1; 14.2; 15.1–15.4 Associate Professor, Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University Chun-i Chen   4.1 Professor, College of Law, National Chengchi University Pasha L. Hsieh   2.1; 9.2 Associate Professor, School of Law, Singapore Management University, Singapore Yao-Ming Hsu   13.1–13.2; 14.3 Professor, College of Law, National Chengchi University Yuan-Chou Jing   19.1–19.2; 20.1–20.2 Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of China Military Affairs Studies, National Defense University Bernard Y. Kao…

Contributors | Thailand

(276 words)

Contributors   Sections Siriorn Aromdee   7.14 Justice Officer, Rights and Liberties Protection Department, Ministry of Justice, Thailand Aschara Chinniyompanich   11.1; 14.2; 15.1; 17.5 PhD Candidate, Macquarie Law School Pitcha Jaisomkom   11.1; 14.1–14.2; 15.1 Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, Srinakharinwirot University Kitti Jayangakula   3.1; 8.1; 14.1; 17.3; 17.9–17.11; 19.1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University Nattawat Kittayanawat   9.1–9.2; 18.1–18.3 Lecturer, Faculty of Political Science and La…

Contributors | Viet Nam

(132 words)

Contributors   Sections Nguyen Quy Binh   4.1–4.3; 12.3 Ha Noi University Former Director-General, Department of International Law and Treaties, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hoang Xuan Chau   18.1 Hanoi Law University Legal Consultant, International Committee of the Red Cross Vu Cong Giao   17.1–17.10 Viet Nam’s National Universtiy, Hanoi, School of Law Tran Viet Dung   13.3–13.4; 19.3 Dean of International Law Faculty, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law Trinh Duc Hai   8.1–8.3 Consul-General of Viet Nam in Sydney Pham Thi Thu Huong   19.1–19.2 Senior Officer, ASEAN Se…

Country Snaphot | India

(91 words)

Name: Republic of India or Bharat Date of Independence: 15 August 1947 (from UK) Date of Admission to the United Nations: 30 October 1945 (founding member) Geographical Size: 3.3 million sq. km (with and frontier of about 15,200 km and coastline of 7,516.6 km) Population: 1.35 billion (2019 unofficial) Demographic Information: Religious mix (2011 est.):  Hindu 79.80%  Muslim 14.23%  Christian 2.30%  Sikh 1.72%  Buddhism 0.70%  Jainism 0.37%  Other and unspecified 0.90% Form of Government: Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic with a Parliamentar…

Country Snapshot | Bangladesh

(79 words)

Date of Independence: 26 March 1971 Date of Admission to the United Nations: 17 September 1974 Geographical Size: 1,47,570 sq km (land: 1,33,910 sq km, water: 10,090 sq km) Population: 159,453,001 (July 2018) Ethnic Make-up:  Bangalees 98%  Others 2% Religious Mix:  Muslim 86.6%  Hindus 12.1%  Buddhist 0.6%  Christian 0.4%  Others 0.3% Form of Government: Parliamentary system of government where the President assumes the position of the Head of the State, while the Prime Minister acts as the Head of the Executive. System of Law: Common Law

Country Snapshot | Central Asia

(251 words)

Republic of Kazakhstan Date of Independence: 1991 (from the Soviet Union) Date of Admission to the United Nations: 2 March 1992 Geographical Size: 2.724.900 sq km Population: 19,091, 949 (July 2020 est.) Ethnic Make-up:  Kazakh (Qazaq) 68%  Russian 19.3%  Uzbek 3.2%  Ukrainian 1.5%  Uighur 1.5%  Tatar 1.1%  German 1%  Others 4.4% Religious Mix:  Muslims 70.2%  Christians 26.2%  Others 0.2%  Atheists 2.8%  Unspecified 0.5% Form of Government: Presidential republic System of Law: Civil law Kyrgyz Republic Date of Independence: 31 August 1991 (from the …

Country Snapshot | China

(51 words)

Date of Independence: 1 October 1949 Date of Admission to the United Nations: 25 October 1971 Geographical Size: 9,326,410 sq km Population: 1,397,897,720 (July 2021 est.) Ethnic Make-up:  Han Chinese 91.6%   Zhuang 1.3%   Others 7.1% Religious Mix:  Buddhists 18.2%  Christians 5.1%  Muslim 1.8%  Folk Religion 21.9%  Unaffiliated 52.2%  Others 1.0% Form of Government: Communist Party-Led State System of Law: Civil Law
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