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Editor-in-Chief: Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao
Associate Editors: Lung-Chih Chang, Kuei-Fen Chiu, Nancy Guy, Dafydd Fell, Ming-Sho Ho, Anru Lee, Lih-Yun Lin, Hsin-Tien Liao, Scott E. Simon, Ming-Yeh Rawnsley, Cheng-Hwa Tsang, Robert P. Weller, Alan Hao Yang, and Elizabeth Zeitoun

The Encyclopedia of Taiwan Studies presents a comprehensive overview of the rich scope of Taiwan studies, a discipline that took root in the 1990s in Taiwan and around the world. The birth of Taiwan studies reflected an important epistemic challenge in the existing academic landscape of sinology and China studies, as it called for a dedicated focus on Taiwan’s history, society, culture, economy, politics, and international relations in their own right. The Encyclopedia introduces the multifaceted aspects of Taiwan’s past and present in almost 600 entries, authored by more than 300 worldwide experts in each field. The Encyclopedia can thus be seen as a portal to the multifaceted world of Taiwan, with its vibrant culture, important developments, and radical transformations.

This version is the first online release of the Encyclopedia, containing 5 of its 15 sections. Release of the rest of the content is planned in two installments, to take place in the course of 2024.

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Hsiao, Michael Hsin-Huang 蕭新煌, is adjunct research fellow/professor at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica; chair professor of Hakka Studies, National Central University; chairman of the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF); honorary chair professor of Southeast Asian Studies, National Chi Nan University, and senior advisor to the president of Taiwan. He has published numerous books, journal articles, and book chapters in research areas including Taiwan’s social and political macro-transformations; middle classes, civil society, and democracies in Asia; environmental sociology; sustainable development and de-carbonization in Taiwan, and comparative Hakka studies in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. In 2023, he was selected as a laureate for the Fulbright Taiwan Hall of Fame.

Associate Editors
Chang, Lung-Chih 張隆志, (Ph.D. in History and East Asian Languages, Harvard University) is the director of the National Museum of Taiwan History. His research interest includes social and cultural history, comparative colonialism, historiography, and public history. Before joining the museum in 2021, Dr. Chang served as deputy director of the Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, and taught at National Cheng-Chih University, National Taiwan Normal University, and National Ching-Hua University. Currently, he is working on a manuscript on historiography and public memory in contemporary Taiwan.

Chiu, Kuei-Fen 邱貴芬, is professor emerita at National Chung Hsing University. She has published extensively on literature and documentaries in Taiwan, with recent publications including the monograph Taiwan Literature's Long Journey to World Literature (2023) and The Making of Chinese-Sinophone Literatures as World Literature (2022, co-edited with Yingjin Zhang). Together with Michael Berry, she is co-editor of an English edited volume about the Taiwanese nature writer Wu Ming-yi.

Fell, Dafydd, is professor of Comparative Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He is also the director of the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies and editor of the Routledge Research on Taiwan book series.

Guy, Nancy 蓋南希, is an ethnomusicologist and professor of Music at the University of California, San Diego. Her research has focused on the musics of Taiwan and China, varieties of opera (European and Chinese), music and state politics, and the ecocritical study of music. Her first book, Peking Opera and Politics in Taiwan (University of Illinois Press, 2005) won the ASCAP Béla Bartók Award for Excellence in Ethnomusicology and was named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2006 by Choice, the review magazine of the Association for College and Research Libraries. She is editor of Resounding Taiwan: Musical Reverberations Across a Vibrant Island (2022).

Ho, Ming-Sho 何明修, is professor at the Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University, and the director of the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, National Science and Technology Council.

Lee, Anru 李安如, is professor of Anthropology and Global Asian Studies at John Jay College, the City University of New York. She is the author of In the Name of Harmony and Prosperity: Labor and Gender Politics in Taiwan’s Economic Restructuring (2004) and Haunted Modernities: Gender, Memory, and Placemaking in Postindustrial Taiwan (2023), and co-editor of Women of New Taiwan (2004).

Liao, Hsin-Tien 廖新田, (Ph.D. Art History, University of East Anglia; Ph.D. Sociology, National Taiwan University) is professor at National Taiwan University of Arts and former curator-general for the National Museum of History. He was the recipient of the Radio Broadcasting Golden Bell Award for Best Host in the Art and Culture Program (2021) and of the Taiwanese Culture Award (2019). His publications include Metamorphosis – An Anthology of Dr. Hsin-tien Liao (2022), The Modern and Post-modern: Art and Visual Culture Theories (2021), and New Thinking on Taiwanese Art: Framework, Criticism and Aesthetics (2017).

Lin, Lih-Yun 林麗雲, is professor at the Graduate Institute of Journalism, National Taiwan University, and commissioner in the National Communications Commission, Taiwan (2020–2024). Her research interests include media and political transition, the political economy of media, and public service media. Her award-winning publications include the essay “Authoritarian State and Television: A Comparative Study Between Taiwan and South Korea” (2005) and the books History of Communication Research in Taiwan (2004) and Studies of Communication History in Taiwan (1999).

Rawnsley, Ming-Yeh 蔡明燁, is research associate at the Centre of Taiwan Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. She is also the founding editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Taiwan Studies (2018–present). She has published widely in both English and Chinese on Chinese-language cinema and media and democratization in Taiwan. Her current research includes a project on Taiwanese-language films (taiyupian) and a study entitled “Politics and Poetics of Port City Cinema.”

Simon, Scott E., has dedicated his career to Taiwan studies. He began with fieldwork on industrialization in southern Taiwan for his Ph.D. project, followed by post-doctoral research in sociology on women entrepreneurship in Taipei. Since taking his position at the University of Ottawa in 2001, he has specialized in studies of the Truku and Seediq peoples, focusing on indigeneity and human-animal relations. He has written numerous articles and four books about Taiwan. His most recent book, Truly Human: Indigeneity and Indigenous Resurgence on Formosa, was published in 2023.

Tsang, Cheng-Hwa 臧振華, is an archaeologist. Before his retirement from Academia Sinica in 2017, he was distinguished research fellow at the Institute of History and Philology. He has been awarded a Distinguished Research Chair Professorship at National Tsing Hua University and also served as the director of the Institute of Anthropology in the same institution.

Weller, Robert P. 魏樂博, is professor of Anthropology at Boston University. His most recent books are Religion and Charity: The Social Life of Goodness in Chinese Societies (with C. Julia Huang and Keping Wu, 2017) and How Things Count as the Same: Memory, Mimesis, and Metaphor (with Adam Seligman, 2018). He has over 40 years of research experience in Taiwan.

Yang, Alan Hao 楊昊, is professor at the Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University; he also serves as the executive director of the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF). He is a specialist in Southeast Asian studies, with a research focus on international relations theory, ASEAN and comparative regionalism, soft power and warm power foreign policy, disaster preparedness and governance, and non-traditional security.

Zeitoun, Elizabeth, is research fellow at the Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica. Her major research interests lie in Austronesian linguistics, morphosyntax, typology, and historical linguistics. She is specialized in Rukai, Saisiyat, and Tsou and has carried out research on many Formosan languages. She has published a number of sketch grammars in Chinese, and two major monographs on Rukai and Saisiyat. She was acting editor and later executive editor of the journal Language and Linguistics from April 2008 to June 2013.

Publication of the Encyclopedia of Taiwan Studies has been assisted by generous support from the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange 蔣經國國際學術交流基金會 and the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation 財團法人臺灣亞洲交流基金會.

Arrigo, Linda Gail 艾琳達, Taipei Medical University.
Bada Choi 崔海, Andong National University.
Batto, Nathan 鮑彤, Academia Sinica, Taipei.
Berry, Chris, King’s College London.
Braig, Stefan, University of Tübingen.
Brender, Felix 王哲謙, London School of Economics and Political Sciences.
Cabestan, Jean-Pierre 高敬文, Hong Kong Baptist University.
Caldwell, Ernest 康佩理, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
Chang, Cheng-Lin 張正霖, National United University, Miaoli.
Chang, Jung-Chun 張蓉君, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
Chao, Chin-Yung 趙金勇, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan.
Chen, Hsueh-Sheng 陳學聖, Shih Hsin University, Taipei.
Chen, Jason 陳柏年, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University, New York.
Chen, Lu-Huei 陳陸輝, National Chung Cheng University, Minxiong.
Chen, Maa-Ling 陳瑪玲, National Taiwan University, Taipei.
Chen, Man-Hua 陳曼華, National Museum of History, Taipei.
Chen, Mei-Ching 陳美靜, National Chiayi University, Chiayi.
Chen, Po-Hsi 陳柏旭, Yale University, New Haven.
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Chiu, Hung-Lin 邱鴻麟, National Tsing Hwa University, Hsinchu.
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Chuang, Yu-Cheng 莊育振, National Taichung University of Education.
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Hawang, Shiow-Duan 黃秀端, Soochow University.
Hioe, Brian 丘琦欣, editor at New Bloom Magazine, based in Taipei.
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Huang, Chang-Ling 黃長玲, National Taiwan University, Taipei.
Huang, Chi 黃紀, National Chengchi University, Taipei.
Huang, Chih-Huei 黃智慧, Academia Sinica, Taipei.
Huang, Hsin-Hao 黃信豪, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei.
Huang, Phyllis Yu-Ting 黃鈺婷, Monash University, Melbourne.
Huang, Roger 黃呂琛, Macquarie University, Sydney.
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Jung, Shaw-Wu 容邵武, Academia Sinica, Taipei.
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Kwan, Tommy 關仲然, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
Lai, Ming-Chu 賴明珠, Taiwanese Art History Association, Taipei.
Lee, Chao-Ying 李昭瑩, National Dong Hwa University, Hualien.
Li, Kuang-Ti 李匡悌, Academia Sinica, Taipei.
Liao, Da-Chi 廖達琪, National Sun Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung.
Liao, Hsin-Tien 廖新田, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei.
Lii, Shu-Chung 李舒中, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan.
Lin, Chiung-Chu 林瓊珠, Colorado Christian University.
Lin, Chung-Ju 林仲如, Huafan University, Taipei.
Lin, Hsuta 林徐達, National Dong Hwa University, Hualien.
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Yu, Ching-Hsin游清鑫, National Chengchi University, Taipei.
Yu, Shuenn-Der 余舜德, Academia Sinica, Taipei.

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