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The title of Dirk Hartmann’s seven-volume work alludes to the outstanding work of G.F.W. Hegel "Neue Enzyclopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften im Grundrisse” from 1817. Since Hegel, no philosopher has attempted to give a comprehensive account of the main philosophical problems and their systematic interconnections. Two hundred years after Hegel’s “Enzyclopädie”, Dirk Hartmann now has undertaken the enormous challenge to again work out such a systematic and coherent survey from a present point of view - counteracting the increased fragmentation and specialization which philosophy and science underwent in the course of the 20th century.

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Various chapters contain logic equations. The display of logic characters depends on locally installed fonts. Installation of the Stix2Math font is advised to ensure a proper display. The necessary font can be downloaded here

At the top of each chapter a link to open the corresponding pdf-file is available. In the pdf, special attention is given to the display of the logic equations.

In sieben Bänden erörtert Dirk Hartmann die klassischen philosophischen Problemstellungen in ihrem Zusammenhang – gleichermaßen für die Natur- wie die Geisteswissenschaften – nicht katalogisch nacheinander, sondern indem er sie konsequent auseinander entwickelt.


  1. Erkenntnistheorie
  2. Mathematik und Naturwissenschaft
  3. Physik, Chemie, Kosmologie, 2021
  4. Biologie, Naturgeschichte, Neurowissenschaft, 2022
  5. Psychologie und Geisteswissenschaft, 2022
  6. Metaphysik A: des Seins, 2023
  7. Metaphysik B: der Sitten, 2023